Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Seether Is Sexy!

Hey folks! Long everyone still out there? I thought that my month plus hiatus was long enough.
I went to a Seether concert last night at The Vic with my girl Sarah, and had a blast! I fell in absolute love with Seether a couple months ago and they put on a fan-fucking-tastic concert. I kind of felt like I belonged more with the "mom" crowd there, you know, the parents that chaperon their younger kids and stay in the back. The average age was probably 20 so I wasn't too much of an ol' bag, but still...felt a bit old. Also, most of the fan base is grungy un-showered I was way over-clean for this event, I should have opted for the week long shower strike so I could be stinky enough to mosh with the "bad-ass" dudes in front of the stage.

This was the song I was most looking forward to hear, but wasn't played....