Monday, November 26, 2007

Who You Calling A "Ho Ho Ho"???

Thanksgiving is barely over and already the Christmas bullshit begins! A company that hires Santa's to work in shopping malls has advised its fake Santa employees not to use the word "ho."


Because "Ho, ho, ho" can be demeaning to women.


An appropriate substitute is "ha, ha, ha." They must be fucking joking??? I am so fucking tired of all this PC bullshit! Why do these PC whore bags need to try and take the fun out of every-fucking-thing? Can't they just leave shit alone? The PC Police ruin every damn holiday, and piss the living shit out of me. All the PC fuckers say that Halloween fosters Satanism, disparages Wiccans and promotes tooth decay, Valentine's Day marginalizes singles, and Thanksgiving glorifies overindulgence and glosses over the ugly chapters of the Pilgrim-Indian story. Oh, fucking well! People enjoy the holidays, is that a fucking crime??? Christmas, by far, gets the most shit of all the holidays combined. All these fucked up rules and regulations about how, when, where and why Christmas should be celebrated so that no one gets offended, fuck that! If you don't fucking like it...too bad, fucking suck it up you bunch of whiny shit mongers! Santa fucking says, "Ho Ho Ho" NOT "Ha Ha Ha" and if I catch some idiot saying "Ha Ha Ha" in my presence...all they will want for Christmas is a body bag! Fuckers!

Thursday, November 08, 2007


I have to apologize to all you dudes that had to look at that hot man ass for so long! So to make it up to are pictures of vagina's!

I have been told that Georgia O'Keefe was not actually modeling her flower paintings after vagina's...but I think she was a carpet licking addict! You have to be crazy to not see the vagina resemblance!