Thursday, June 29, 2006

Superman Didn't Suck

Don and I saw Superman last night and it didn't suck. I wasn't expecting to hate it...but I definately wasn't expecting to love it. I am not a huge fan of comic book movies, I could do without Spiderman, Hulk, and for sure Catwoman, but I love X-Men and now Superman. I actually cried (which for those of you who know me - this shouldn't suprise you - coming from the girl who cried when I was 5 in The Wizard of Oz when the wicked witch melted) but seriously...I loved it! I would recommend it to everyone, even if you don't dig the whole comic book superhero thing.

P.S. I even changed my signature pink font to red - just for the "man"!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Painting Pot

Jeanette, Sarah, Audrea and I went on our last outing as a foursome yesterday since A is moving. I am kind of sad because I really enjoy Audrea's company.

We started our day out with some T.G.I.Fridays...always a good choice. Fridays has new glasses that you can purchase...real exciting shit rigth there! The only problem is the the rim of one of the glasses looks like shit, so who would buy that. I don't know about everyone else, but the last thing I want to do is drink a cocktail out of a glass that looks like it was dipped in shit.

After that we went to the place where you paint you don't actually decorate poop, you paint pottery. I don't know the name, I think it is something like The Pot You Paint? Well, I got to finger Buddha so that was exciting. Of course mine didn't turn out how I wanted it too. I am always so dissappointed in my imperfection of my pottery. High expectations are never met with my artistic abilities.

Next, we went to Coldstone and ate some delicious ice cream concoctions. I had cheesecake ice cream with black cherries and snickers mixed in! Fucking fantastic!

I then was called a "silly bitch" by the local bum and then we called it a day!

I had so much fun with my girls! Wish Audrea wasn't moving away!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Monkey See - Monkey Do

I feel like I am a really good mom - yes, I do need to preface with that, but I am now learning that Donovan really is in the mimic stage...the hard way. It is really fun to make noises and have him repeat them back, to give him directions and have him follow them and to show him how to do something and have him do it himself, but there is just one thing that I wish we didn't show him...

On Sunday I was putting away clothes on our bed when Don walked up behind me and bent me over (don't worry this is very PG) and pulled down my pants and slapped my ass. Donovan was helping me put away the clothes so he witnessed this and thought that it was real funny - he was laughing pretty hard. So now every time I bend over, Donovan tries to pull down my pants and spank me! The other night when I was picking his toys out of the bathtub, he pulled down my pants and gave me a few quick, but swift spanks. He did it today when I was making him dinner. The whole time he looks at me with that devil grin and smiles. He knows he is doing something kind of bad - he knows that hitting isn't a good thing to do...even though he tries it sometimes. It doesn't help when Don and I are both laughing so hard we snort to teach him not to pull down mamma's pants and spank her. Hopefully he will just forget and won't see that again. Now we know...don't do dirty things in front of a mimic.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

History Of The F Word

History of the F Word

My favorite internet video clip!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Damn...I Haven't Blogged Since May!

I didn't think that I was actually too busy to blog lately, but I guess I was wrong. Work has been sucking balls lately...those of you who work with me know why!

My grandpa from Florida was up this past week visiting. I kind of feel left out from the family since I wasn't invited to anything that the rest of them did with my grandpa. I only saw him like 3 times and that was with Donovan so, of course, he stole the spotlight. My grandpa, mom and dad went to spread my grandma's ashes on Friday. I would have liked to go with since we didn't have any kind of "formal" goodbye for my grandma. She was cremated...Obviously...otherwise we wouldn't be spreading ashes and there was no service or funeral type thing for us to attend as a family. I really miss my grandma, but I have a hard time realizing that she is actually gone. With no funeral or service for her, it doesn't really seem like she's gone. I know that this is how she wanted it to be, but it just hasn't sunk in yet - I guess I am a little slow since she died in January.

Okay, enough of that...

Don's mom also came for a visit from Florida. She was in for a week and spent a few days with Don and Donovan. They got to go to the Field Museum and the DuPage Children's Museum, all the while...I worked! We went to a restaurant in the city named Twin Anchors on Saturday night for Don's brother's graduation dinner. It was good place...not for a 15 month old...but a fun idea. It was more of a bar than a restaurant. They wouldn't take reservations and wouldn't sit the table until the whole party was there. We had to wait over 40 minutes for our table and to get to the table, we had to walk through a very crowded bar (Saturday night on the northside) - so that was so much fun. The food was good...but not worth all the hassle. Maybe if we had left Donovan at home we would have had more fun.

So to re-cap the last few weeks of my life...I have felt very left out!