Sunday, June 25, 2006

Painting Pot

Jeanette, Sarah, Audrea and I went on our last outing as a foursome yesterday since A is moving. I am kind of sad because I really enjoy Audrea's company.

We started our day out with some T.G.I.Fridays...always a good choice. Fridays has new glasses that you can purchase...real exciting shit rigth there! The only problem is the the rim of one of the glasses looks like shit, so who would buy that. I don't know about everyone else, but the last thing I want to do is drink a cocktail out of a glass that looks like it was dipped in shit.

After that we went to the place where you paint you don't actually decorate poop, you paint pottery. I don't know the name, I think it is something like The Pot You Paint? Well, I got to finger Buddha so that was exciting. Of course mine didn't turn out how I wanted it too. I am always so dissappointed in my imperfection of my pottery. High expectations are never met with my artistic abilities.

Next, we went to Coldstone and ate some delicious ice cream concoctions. I had cheesecake ice cream with black cherries and snickers mixed in! Fucking fantastic!

I then was called a "silly bitch" by the local bum and then we called it a day!

I had so much fun with my girls! Wish Audrea wasn't moving away!


Jeanette said...

Ya Silly Bitch! Don't forget to suck some big dick while you're at it! I also had a great time and am sad to see Audrea go.

Sarah said...

I had fun too. And I know Audrea did too.

At least you'll always have my space!