Friday, October 14, 2005

My Friday Date

It is deposit day...and date day (with Jeanette)! Jeanette and I have made a habit of Friday date day! I love it! Today I was able to share my love of Target with her. This shopping extravaganza was much better than the first...I think the novelty of the Super Target is beginning to wear off...very exciting for addicts like myself.

Before Super Target, Jeanette and I shared a meal at Bennigans...the best Irish restaurant on the face of this earth...not because they have great Irish food, but because they don't! Bennigans has the worlds best baked potatoe soup...served in a crock (that reminds me of the phrase "crock of shit")! They also have fantastic desserts...too full to indulge this time, maybe next time we will not eat as much and save room for dessert.

We also made a quick stop at Old Navy, my favorite store for baby clothes. They have such cute stuff there for kids under 1 year. There adult stuff...not so good, but it is worth it for the baby clothes. They seem to be fairly reasonably priced as well. They have an awesome clearance section and Donovan usually ends up with a couple of itesm...spoiled little brat!

Finally, we made our descent upon Super Target. Jeanette got to see the big red ball that the ethnic girl was humping...I got to see Jeanette hump the ball this time...very fun to watch. I decided to pick out a pumpkin. Seems like a simple task, but for someone who is anal, it is not really that simple. It seemed as all the perfect pumpkins were at the bottom of the big rolly bins, but there weren't. Jeanette kept having to transport from one bin to another so that I could see the perfect pumpkin, of course the ugly scars and dimples were hidden until we moved every damn pumpkin. Well, we settled on one and in the process of catching rolling pumpkins, I elbowed Jeanette in the skull and she almost peed her pants...and had to buy a pumpkin of her own because she almost dropped it!

So, I enjoyed my Friday date day thoroughly! We'll have to do it again next week...don't want to break the schedule...this time we will have to go to the teacher store in Oak Park for a stamp pad.

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Jeanette said...

Sounds like a plan! In case you forgot, Lalos is right by the teacher store.