Sunday, October 23, 2005

Trick-or-Treat on Madison Street

Every year Forest Park closes down Madison Street from Des Plaines to Harlem and holds a Trick-or-Treat day. This was the first year that I actually went! Most of the business were being butt holes and were closed, but a few were giving out candy. I was a little disappointed that Brown Cow was not giving out ice cream - instead they had some cheap ass candy...but that is okay, it was a little cold. Donovan got dressed up in his elephant costume and was the cutest thing on the street. There were no other little elephants - or chewbaccas - so I am pleased that he had on an original costume. However, there were about 25 Darth Vadars, their parents were not so original. Donovan was so well behaved...he slept 75% of the time. Everyone passing by had a comment like, "Look at the sleeping elephant!" Wow...are they observant or what! There were a couple other cute little costumes, and a few people too old for costumes, but all in all, we had an excellent time. There was some crazy lady singing outside of a restaurant in her witch costume, reminded us all of Phoebe from friends - Smelly Cat! Of course, my mom gravitated towards the fire department, who by the way was handing out Snickers - the only good candy given out! My mom also got a kick out of the parents that would let their little kids wander aimlessly around, especially close to the hay rides that were being pulled by two gynormous horses...poor horses. Well, that was the highlight of my Sunday. I think it might be more fun next year when Donovan can actually eat the candy he collects and we don't have to feel stupid saying, "Trick-or-Treat" and obviously the little sleeping elephant isn't going to be eating the candy...fat asses pushing the stroller are probably going to be cashing in!

P.S. Jeanette looked particularly sexy in her skeleton pants!!!

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Jeanette said...

Thank you, I agree that I was even sexier in my skeleton pants than the woman who I think was dressed up as a hooker (I don't know what else she could have possibly been). I already said this in my blog, but Donovan definitely was the cutest little thang there. It will be much better when he can waddle up and ask for the candy himself. I had to convince the Brown Cow people that I was getting the candy for the sleeping elephant and not myslef, and they were still a little reluctant. I had a blast!