Monday, December 12, 2005

I Love Stupid Questions!

On Saturday, Don, Donovan and I went to Don's grandparents house for their annual Candy Cane Punch. The punch has been a family tradition that they have done for over 50 years two weeks before Christmas. The punch is the shit! It had egg nog, club soda, cool whip and a lot of other things in it that I can't remember, but it was fantastic.

Don and I were priveledged to take Don's sister Yolie with us. That was a blast...she came to our house 10 minutes late and she still hadn't made her appetizer, so we had to wait till she made that. In the meantime...I almost died because she was making a mess in the kitchen and I had just cleaned (she use to live with us and that was the worst few months of my life). After she was finished making her appetizer, we left (late). The ride there was okay, no arguments between Don and Yolie...nice for a change.

On the way home was when I was asked the stupidest questions in the world. It was very cold Saturday and snowing, so Donovan had his snow suit on. He was getting a little cranky in the car because he was hungry and tired of being strapped down in his car seat. Yolie was sitting in the back seat with him and I asked her to unbutton the top button of his snow suit. She then asked, "Why do you put him in this?" Don's response was, "Because he can't put it on himself!" My response was , "I'm not going to answer that just think about that for a minute." Well, she thought about it for a minute and replied back, "I don't think I am going to be a good mother." Tell me something that I don't already know!

I really just love the stupid things that people say. It keeps me so entertained!


Jeanette said...

As you saw I almost pissed myself at Don's response. I ask some dumb questions too, but hopefully with your help and my moms I totally won't suck it up as a mother. That's why I thought that I'd let you go through it first, so I can ask you all of my questions. At least I'd know to put a coat on my child when it's 10 degrees out. (Or I'd call you and you'd tell me to put the coat on my child!)

Sarah said...

At least you did not have to be nice and actually give a response. I think you should have made her stand outside with no coat so she could experience why Donovan had a coat on? At least she would remember that!