Thursday, March 30, 2006

My Trip To Satan's Asshole!

Yesterday Don and I took a trip to Satan's Asshole...otherwise known as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It was not as I expected...I didn't have any outbursts at the morons that call themselves employees or at the retarded people standing in line...and I wasn't banned! How eventful! I dediced it might be best if I waited in the car while Don took care of his he didn't have to use it...he needed to renew his license, which he did...scored 100% on the writtn portion and wasn't even required to take the driving portion. Good news for the DMV and me!

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Jeanette said...

Well isn't this a step in the right direction; a place we can actually take off of the "Jennie has been banned from list". So what's on it now...Forest Park library, Oak Park library, pizza hut, Oak Park police department, Forest Park police department, concert parking lots...I'm pretty sure that there is probably more.