Saturday, August 05, 2006

Book Sale Bonanza!

Yesterday was the Oak Park Annual Book Sale, which I attended with Sarah, Ashley and Jeanette. We all met up and went to dinner at Fuego Loco on Lake St. Pretty good, I enjoyed the food...didn't enjoy the bathroom with the broken lock!

The book sale is crazy. We arrived about 20 minutes after in opened and everything already looked picked through. The children's book section was in boxes on the floor in no order what-so-ever. People were actually sitting in front of boxes and scooting across the floor. Others found it necessary to bring their children under the age of 5 to look through and pick out some books for themselves...always a great idea. What really frosted my cookies is the people who were reading the kids books on the floor in the middle of the isle with their 2 or 3 year old trying to decide if they like it or not....THE BOOKS ARE 50 FUCKING CENTS - BUY IT AND DECIDE LATER!!! I really didn't feel like the book sale was the best place for children. It was incredibly dusty and very crowded - the last place I would want my son to be running around with a bunch of sweaty crazy people.

My fav part of the day was the Sci-Fi section and finding gold (AKA - Graphic Novel). Don wanted me to score him some graphic novels at the sale, which I did! Jeanette and I decided to take a browse through and low and behold, we found one. I was just about dry humped for it...but I came out on top. I could have scored some digits and a coffee date, but decided against it - one nerdy baby daddy is enough for me (at least Don wears deodorant and showers).

I really really enjoyed myself, I was expecting to get really agitated and become aggressive, but I think I was able to reign myself in and stay cool, calm and collected - although if I would have spent more time browsing the children's books, I'm sure I would have lost it! My only recommendation for next year...require people to put on deodorant before entering and have hand-sanitizer available after check-out.


Sarah said...

Next time we will go prepared with our own hazmat suits and soem spray lysol.

You so should have hooked up Ashley with sweaty nerdy graphic novel guy!

Jeanette said...

I had a great time too. As much as I bitched about the crowd and disorganization I definitely want to go next long as we get ice cream again.