Saturday, August 19, 2006

The DNC's Barking Up The Wrong Tree!

Donovan, Don and I were actually eating dinner together - it is a rarity in our house, and when it happens it's really nice...when...the doorbell rings. Now, we don't get a lot of unexpected visitors and at this particular time, we definitely weren't expecting anyone. Since Don and I act like we are 80 years old sometimes, we had to discuss who we thought was at the door - instead of going to check right away. I was already a little peeved because someone was interrupting our dinner, so I went to answer the door and who do you suppose was there to greet me???

The D-fucking-NC! A young man (fresh off the Greenpeace boat) dressed in his very sharp, brand new DNC t-shirt greeted me with warm smiles and promises of a better future (barf). I was in an okay mood, so I let him introduce himself and give his brief biography. He then proceeded to ask for my charitable donation for the primaries. I politely (I'm actually not lying here folks) told him that, "I am a Republican so I will be contributing to them. Good luck!" He looked at me as if I had just told him that his mother was sucking the Govenator's dick. I was still very polite, maybe just a little more intense, as I told him that, "I would recommend you don't ring the bell next door, as you will be entering a battle of wits, unarmed!" He was confused...although I didn't expect him to not be confused, because after all...he is a volunteer for the DNC.

I have no problem with Democrats, in fact a lot of my close friends are playing for the wrong team, but what I do have a problem with is the fact that this twerp gave me a disgusted look. I respect peoples choices and don't make faces at them when I am trying to raise money. At least try to be a good role model for your party. It's embarrassing that people act so childish. I will admit that I can get heated sometimes, but I try not to be an asshole about it.

It reminds me of the newspaper article that I read shortly after Bush was elected for his second term (I can't locate it right now, but when I do, I'll post it). A journalist went to New York and wore a Bush t-shirt and walked the streets in a predominantly democratic area to record peoples reactions. He then walked around with a Gore t-shirt in a predominantly republican area and did the same thing. The outcome was that when he was wearing the Bush shirt, he was called obscene names and even spit on. When he was wearing the Gore shirt, he was pretty much ignored just as if he was wearing a plain old t-shirt. It is really disgusting to me. When Clinton won, we didn't go around spitting on democratic supporters because we lost, we just shut up.

This brings up something else that pisses me off. During the last election Bush supporters in Oak Park (AKA - the Republic of Oak Park) were being vandalized for showing support and having Bush signs in their front yard. People (assuming Democrats) were stealing the signs from yards, spray painting on them and even setting them on fire. I'm sorry, but that is so childish. Grow the fuck up.

Okay, so I have gone on long enough and I will stop. My blood pressure is going up and I think I need a drink.

Moral of my polite when opposed kindly it makes you look like less of an ass. And if your listening DNC, don't come ringing my bell!


Jenny! said...

Thanks DNC, now I have heartburn!

Sarah said...

Oh that is so sad. As a Crazy left leaning liberal who hugs trees often I just am not ok with door to door programs asking for money. One dont interrupt dinner and two dont act like an ass, you make the rest of us communist leaning Bush hating liberals look bad!

Jenny! said...

I love that your a tree hugger Sarah!

Jeanette said...

I think I saw Sarah burning some signs (damn Oak Parkers!) I think you should have let him ring the doorbell for downstairs and sat on your balconly while listening to the fun. It could have been the perfect end to your dinner, no?

Jenny! said...

Yes, actually...that would have been great fun! I wish I would have thought of that then!