Saturday, August 26, 2006

Jeanette's B-Day Bash!

Happy Birthday Jeanette!

Jeanette rang in her quarter of a century day at my house with a few friends. It was kind of a last minute party, but turned out really well. The only thing that I am not happy with is the fact that we didn't get to play Harry Potter Scene-It. We played Catch Phrase (my personal fav) and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (John's hosting made it so much more fun - in fact, I don't think I would want to play unless John was Regis). It was a liquids only party - some food may have been a decent idea, but too late now. Clean up was a breeze, it is so nice to have "adult" friends who are mature and considerate. The only spill was mine, so we got pretty lucky. Those in attendance were: Jeanette, John, me, Don, Sarah, Josue, Ashley, Judy, Dan (my hot neighbor) and his cousin Jeff. I am really glad that Ashley came, since initially she wasn't going to. She made the night a lot of fun. And of course, my girl Sarah, was a delight. The parties that we have had in the past usually end up with me pissed off and on a psychotic rampage, but this was so fun. We had significantly less liquor than the usual, but it was like the perfect amount. We went through 5 bottles of wine, a case and a half of beer, a few Mikes Hard Lemonades, and a bottle of Rasberri Stoli.

I can't decide on my favorite part of the evening, so here are a few highlights:

Sarah bruising Don's nipples with all the titi twisters, me breaking the chair when hoping on Sarah's lap, Jeanette and her party pants, John's Millionaire show, Judy being a pimp, Dan being hot, the soggy Millionaire life line tokens, Jeff not zipping up his pants, me repeatedly ripping off Sarah's shirt, Jeanette's stripper dance, Jeanette flashing, Ashley laughing so hard she snorted, Don bringing out the dirty playing cards, Sarah studying the dirty playing cards, Josue chillin' takin in all the girl on girl action or all the ass slapping and booby grabbing.

Wow, that sounds pretty exciting...I bet those of you not there wish you were!


Sarah said...

all my secrets are revealed!!!! Those cards had a girl getting screwed in the ear, it was weird!

I had alot of sun and really my boobs never get that much action!

Thanks for hosting!

Jenny! said...

You had a lot of sun???

I'm glad that your boobs got some action!

Jeanette said...

I had blast! Thanks everyone for my bday fun. You know that it's a good party when you have a nice buzz the night before but can wake up four hours later without a hangover. In addition to those good times I also enjoyed the frequent group bathroom trips, finding hidden lifelines, and when Jenny slapped me in the face. Thanks everyone for coming!

Jenny! said...

Yo, We can totally not play Millionaire anymore...I can't find any of the lifelines! Sorry about the face slap...but you shouldn't have said what you said!

Bad Andy said...

im guesing there is no video tape on this one

Jeanette said...

No video tape, but there are rumored pictures floating around.

Jenny! said...

can we get ahold of these pictures?!?