Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Need A G.A.D Transplant!

Does anyone know of any good G.A.D transplant surgeons??? If so, tell them you know a girl in a funk with a broken G.A.D (Give A Damn)!

So work is really bumming me out, I am frustrated and angry with management and not much I can do about it. I should expect this because it happens quarterly when I show up on the P&L reports as an "L". Instead of looking at my 10 years experience, my vast knowledge of the business, my ability to run things blind folded with one hand tied behind my back and my overall dedication to the mission and success of the company...I am considered a loss not a profit. Why? Because they have to pay for those things. I do understand the reasons for considering me a loss, but really I hate that they have no appreciation for dedication and knowledge. I know that I am not the Bill Gates of this company, but I really feel that I help make our center successful. I also know that the center would survive without me, but I would like to think that it wouldn't be as efficient...or fun!

I don't know how to fix my broken "give a damn" but I do know that maybe it is time for a change. I'm going to put my resume out there and see if anything happens. I really don't want to make this kind of change in my life right now, but at some point my G.A.D isn't going to bounce back and I may go postal!

P.S. Thanks Jeanette for introducing me to the G.A.D phrase - I just love it because it describes how I feel, perfectly!


Jeanette said...

Oh God...I don't feel well. I'm getting teary eyed just talking about it. The center totally wouldn't survive without you. Do you know what our contact numbers are going to look like? Do you know how many people aren't going to be paying their bill (shoot, we know I'm not going to pay attention), do you know how sad and lonely I'm going to be talking to an empty seat (because no one will be able to move will be kept as a shring to "the great one"). I promise Give a Damns get fixed with time.
Now that my self-pity is out there, I am sorry that quarterly theres an uproar about what WE decide to do with OUR money. Maybe if we tell them that we will cut our office supply and other materials expense in half this will cover you. As much as I would die inside if you left you know I want whats best for you. I have Scooters resumee, which is fabulous, if you want to steal some of her style and lingo. Or we could just open up "Whacks n' Willies" now and begin our true calling.

Sarah said...

OMG if you leave I will leave too in protest!!!! Im not sure how it is that no one can make the connection between your work and the amazing numbers that come out of your center every month!

Maybe we can make a poerpoint presentation on the correlations and really spell it out for them. While we are at it we can explain how a psychology degree is related to education.

I do believe my GAD is injured considering that I am bloggin from work but I think it will heal and so will yours... I hope!

If you get a new job they have to be ok with IM during the day because I just cannot give you up that easily!

Jenny! said...

It's "Whacks n' Willies" time!

I already have that on my resume...MUST BE ALLOWED TO IM!

Jeanette said...

OH GOD, still sobbing to myself.