Monday, November 06, 2006

Separation Anxiety Wanted

Is it wrong that I want my son to have some degree of separation anxiety??? I am so overjoyed that he is comfortable being with me and daddy and doesn't have any anxiety about either of us leaving. He does occasionally have some separated problems when we are both leaving him and it is with Emily, but other than that...he pretty much closes the door in my face.

He knows in the morning that after I am showered, dressed and getting my shit together that mommy is leaving soon. He goes to the door, tries to open it, after I open it and he hands me my shoes, makes kiss sounds, gives me a few kisses, waves goodbye and most of the time shuts the door on me before I can actually grab my purse. I actually get about 10 goodbye kisses before the door is officially slammed in my face, but still...come on kid, could you cry like a little bit! He does the same thing to daddy too when it is daddy's turn to leave, so I know it's not just me. On Saturdays (grandma's day), he practically pushes me out of the door.

I am seriously happy that he feels comfortable, safe, adjusted and secure and doesn't suffer from separation anxiety, but some amount of missing me would be nice...for me. I can't really recall anytime that we had separation anxiety issues arise, even when he was a baby. I think he is just so adjusted to both mommy and daddy time, that it makes no difference who he is with.

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Jeanette said...

I know you want it from him, but really - don't I give you enough everytime you leave? It is super that he's fine. You'd feel much worse if he was crying and screaming every time that you left him (much like I do).