Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Is Over???

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is over already and its almost Christmas. There are times throughout the year that I crave Thanksgiving food, and then when it gets here it is kind of depressing because the year is almost over. I am not a huge Christmas fan, but it does get me kind of bummed out (kind of like the Grinch). We don't have a huge budget for Christmas presents so I always feel like a cheap shit for not getting people great gifts. Sometimes family hassels get in the way of actually enjoying the holidays. I love putting up decorations but get sick of them shortly before Christmas. I also feel like (not to be preachy and weird) people have forgotten the esscence of Christmas and the meaning behind it. Christmas is a time to be with your friends and family and enjoy their company and be thankful for the blessings in your life. I feel like I myself forget about how to be appreciative of Christmas and what it stands for, but I am going to make an effort to keep the spirit of Christmas alive and not be like the Grinch!


Sarah said...

it really feels like Christmas today!

I cant believe its Christmas time already, I went to the mall yesterday and was confronted with Christmas, it is really sad to see people fighting over things that will eventually be gifts for loved ones.

Jeanette said...

Don't worry, I'll give you grinch time once in awhile, but with my wonderful spirit of Christmas who could stay that way for long? Time really has flown by. I guarantee that no one cares what you get or don't get for them for Christmas. You definitely are not a cheap shit. I love Christmas!