Thursday, December 07, 2006

Get DCFS Up In Her Ass!!!

On the radio this morning, Jeanette and I heard that DCFS was investigating Brittany Spears because of her recent behavior. Brittany was scene getting into her car (drivers seat) with a glass of wine. How wildly inappropriate, not just because she's a mother, but because that is just not right. I would bet money that Brittany and Paris are doing the nasty after the long nights of clubbing. They look like a couple of dime bag whores waiting for their next John outside of Washington Mutual Bank. I hope DCFS takes her kids away, and I pray that they don't give K-Fed custody!

In other news, what is the deal with Brit's boobs??? I know she has a young son and milk production is happening, but I have a hard time believing that she would be breastfeeding since her boobs are not removable for the nanny to use. There was a picture of her boob that looked freaky...I will try to find it. No such luck, it was some nasty looking boob job though. Looking at the pictures above, two them were taking the same day since they are wearing the same outfits, but Brit's boobs are like totally different.

Maybe, I should start worring about something else other than Brit's boobs and the welfare of her children!


Jeanette said...

I'm totally not down with the d and d (no nerds, I mean drinking and driving), but she brings it to an entirely new level with physically drinking while driving. Nice work Brit.
I do think that the gals are bumpin' beavers, even if it's only for publicity (please refer to Paris holding onto Brit's tit in the photo above).
I know I expressed my feelings (and People's and US Weekly's and OK magazine and ... I love them all!) about her boobs already, but I'll reiterate for everyone else's benefit. They are saying that with the type of breat implant she had gotten they are really round. This paired up with the quick weightloss she experienced caused them to not quite be where they're supposed to be. In the freaky picture Jenny mentioned this resulted in a huge piece of loose skin by her clevage because of how she was standing.
I don't think we need to find anything else to worry about. I could talk about boobs all day!
I agree that neither hand job has enough time (Brit - too much Hilton action) or competence (FedEx - too much God knows what action) to actually take care of their children. Maybe grandma would be the best option.

Anonymous said...

I heard she's going to be the new spokesperson for the new Reebok breast implant pump. Where does she insert the hose to fill up those puppies? Well in her case, many hoses have been inserted in multiple orifices!

Jenny! said...

Along with many other things!!!

Sarah said...

Maybe there are more important issues going on here but I am still amazed at the first picture where Briteny is wearing one leg of her pantyhose and so is Paris Hilton??????

Hammer said...

She went from sweet, talented teen idol. to filthy, slut whore in a few short years.

I pray that today's young girls don't look up to her the same way they did ten years ago. Especially after she and paris have been proudly displaying their cooch for the photographers.


Edgewalker said...

Um, yeah, those two do look like a bunch of cheap hookers. Two thumbs down for the drinking and driving thing with wine! I mean jeez, if your gonna do it, at least drink something tasty :P