Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Random Hatred

* I hate when people want to control everything even though their ideas are not as good as someone elses. Maybe this is because I am also a control freak and can't stand people telling me what to do and how to do it, especially when I am right or have a better idea.

* I hate that everybody is making fun of Brittany and her lack of underwear. It is not a crime to go commando and I regularly take part. I hate wearing underwear and probably flash people once in a while, the only difference is that I don't have cameras following me everywhere. There's nothing wrong with a free show now and again.

* I hate that it has become acceptable for stores to charge $78.00 for a pair of sweatpants. I went to Victoria Secret with my sister this weekend and she was about to buy a pair of VS Pink sweatpants. I literally had a break down in the middle of VS. I am outraged by this. Who the fuck woulds spend $78.00 on a pair of fucking sweatpants??? Ridiculous!!!

* I hate when people think I have a bad attitude purely because I call people "dumb bitch" or "fucking idiot". I don't call people these names because I have a bad attitude, I call people these names because it is me calling it as I see it.

* I hate that people don't shovel their sidewalks after the snow. It turns into an ice slick the next day and if your walking on the sidewalk (weird, pedestrians aren't supposed to walk in the street) you just about bust your shit every other step.

*** There are so many other things that I hate, but those are just a few of the most recent annoyances!!! Enjoy!!!


Jeanette said...

I would have to agree most with your first hate. Please don't steal our thunder people. When we have an idea, let it be our idea. It wasn't yours, and I'm sorry I ever let you even know about it.
I'm also okay with Brittany going commando, and I personally enjoy when you give a free flash. I'm a bigger fan of flashing the ta tas opposed to the woo hoo, but go with what you're comfortable with.
I do agree that $78 is tres expensive for a pear of sweatpants, but I am quite loyal to Vicky's and can't say anything negative about them.
I don't think that you have a bad attitude. I enjoy your bluntness and you having the balls to actually say what everyone else is thinking. (I must give a shout out to Bill on one special occasion - Fin B!)
Thank God my parents shovel the side walk b/c I sure as hell never want to have to. Some salt wouldn't be too hard though I guess.

Jenny! said...

Fucking bitch!!!!!!

Sarah said...

ooo sounds like work was fun today.

I love when people have good ideas cause it gets my good ideas going, I hate when people tell me how to do my good ideas though. So I hear you on that one.

I get a lot of VS catalogues, maybe if they printed like eight less a year they would not have to charge so much for their shit.

I love Britney but I really want her to stop hanging out with Paris, Flash your whoo hah all ya wnat but dont hang out with Paris, you might catch something (like stupid)