Tuesday, January 09, 2007


What the fuck!
Bush and Clooney in Luisianna. Former President George Bush enjoys a light moment with actor George Clooney during a ceremony on Dec. 20 to present a $2 million check to South Cameron Memorial Hospital in Cameron, La. The hospital was damaged by by Hurricane Rita.
I can only imagine what is going throught their minds! Here is a few that come to my mind...
Clooney's Mind:
"You better stop touching me old man!"
"Damn Bush! You need to mosturize more!"
"I wish I didn't have so much money, then I wouldn't have to be sitting here with you!"
"God...I hate Republicans!"
"I just shit my pants!"
"Is this almost over???"
"Fuck! I hate being charitable!"
"I can totally take you and your old wrinkly ass!"
Bush's Mind:
"Ha ha, I am touching you...you hate it and there's nothing you can do about it!!!"
"Aren't homeless people funny?"
"I loved you in the movie Babel!"
"Oh, Georgie...I don't swing that way!"
"Hey, our names are both George!"
"What are we here for again?"
"You sure don't look as handsome in person!"
"How the fuck did you win People's Most Sexy Man???"
"My son is gonna kick your punk ass!"
"Is it true you like to stick gerbils up your ass?"


mutleythedog said...

You know I've never read a blog by a nice Republican - like they are all hyper-political ultra nasty stuff BUT when you meet Republican voters in person, as long as you keep off politics, they are the nicest people in the world. Most of them have never heard of blogs, internet etc. and put on spectacles and get out a little guide book if they turn their 11 year old computer on for its monthly outing. Democrats, on the other hand, are the opposite. This is a double-edged comment ... I mean do you like to mock the elderly and disrespect the President?

Sarah said...

hehehehehe. I think making fun of Republicans and outspken celebrities is perfect!

Hammer said...

Did you know That Bush senior and Bill Clinton are big buddies now and hang out all the time?

He's probably telling clooney one of Bill's BJ jokes

Jeanette said...

Of all people she fo sho has respect for our Republican Presidents, and yes it is fun to mock others.

Jenny! said...

I am in fact a Republican and it's weird but there are a lot of sterotypes about Democrats too that I am nice enough to keep to myself. I like to think that I am fair and balanced about mocking everyone regardless of political affiliation, race, gender, sex, denomination or age. I mean no disrespect to the elderly or the President and think that it is all in good fun, so don't get all up in my ass!

Steven Novak said...

I like to imagine that they start kissing moments afterwards which leads to a really creepy hand job.

But maybe that's just me. ;)


Jenny! said...

That would be really really weird!

Zen Wizard said...

Great captions!

Jenny! said...

Thanks...I thought So!

mutleythedog said...

No - I meant, if you like to mock the elderly and disrepect the President you should visit by my blog more. We also mock weirdoes, monsters, mutants - but we do draw the line at devil worshippers. Did I get you? *mwoooarrrarra ahha ahh*

Jenny! said...

You so got me! It was a toss up! I just couldn't decide! I take back the "get all up in my ass" comment!