Monday, January 08, 2007

Frank Is Back!!!

The one year anniversary of my grandma's death is coming up in a few days. My family doesn't seem to be upset or depressed about it at all. It's not that I expect my grandpa, dad and aunt to be hysterical or anything, but guess what my grandpa is going to do??? My grandpa is going to go to Las Vegas for a few days...with another woman!!! My grandpa is kind of a "popular" old man. He works at a tennis club everyday, plays a few games, eats healthy, socializes at bars, hangs out at jazz clubs and does all the kind of stuff that what I imagine the young Sinatra doing! My grandpa asked my dad and aunt if they would be upset with him taking a "chick" to Vegas with him. My dad told him, "No, its fine that you take a broad to Vegas, it would be even better if she could buy me a Thunderbird!" My grandpa laughed and was glad that his kids weren't upset about it. I am kind of weirded out about it, but I am also happy for my grandpa and his ability to move on and enjoy the rest of his life.


Memo's Mind said...

I love Frank! Hope Gramps hits it big in Vegas - put it all on Red!

Steven Novak said...

Good for gramps. Everyone deas with things of this nature in different ways. There's no right or wrong if you ask me.


The Gangster of Love said...

Wow! Next thing you know it will be Zoot Suits and Saxophones for him! I hope he has a good time.

Hammer said...

Grandpa seems like a cool guy. Mourning does not need to be a life sentence like it was in victorian times.

Dan said...

Your grandfather rules! And your dad talking to his dad sounds like two members of the rat pack.

Sinatra da man ... he was ultra cool. His music is tops.

Jeanette said...

I don't know how to type the gasping sound I was just making. Oh my gosh though! I totally agree with all the other comments. Rip and grandma had a great life together, and just because granmda's ended (r.i.p.) doesn't mean grandpa's has to too.
However, oh my gosh! He's taking some skank that's old enough to be your mother, not grandmother, to go do God knows what in some hotel room in Las Vegas.
How scandalous (yet exciting)!