Sunday, February 18, 2007

One Crazy Week!

Last week was so crazy! I went on a job interview and had my car stolen. I have put my resume out there to see what opportunities there are. I have realized (after 10 years) that the only way to increase my income is to find a different employer - I have maxed out and hit my ceiling. The only thing that has kept me at my current job is my friends. I work with my best friend, Jeanette, we have know each other since Jr. Kindergarten and love every minute we're together! I have also made a lot of life long friends that I couldn't imagine my life without...I love you Sarah and Ashley and book club girls! But I have been a rectangle for a while now and I feel like the time is right and I feel a good vibe, not an anxious vibe about making a career move. The first interview went well, it was with a consulting company that will help find job opportunities to place me and they are actually full time with benefits kind of jobs, not the "Would you like to buy a set of knives?" kind of job. I am excited about the first possibility and will hopefully have my second interview this upcoming week. Wish me luck!

The other thing that kept me busy this week was my car. My car was stolen on Friday night from my parking spot just down the block from my apartment. I found out when I walked to my car Saturday morning on my way to go to work and found no car. So I called the police and did that whole hassle thing. They found out that the my license plate number was run at 5:20am a few towns over, but nothing was done because they didn't know the car was stolen. I was kind of bummed. My car is a piece of shit and needs alot of work that I can't afford but it was paid off and that felt good. I have been contemplating buying a new car, but financially that isn't an option right now (hence the job search) and my insurance would have given me the value of the car. Low and behold, the car was found in the parking lot of a bar about 10 miles away that evening and nothing was touched. There was no apparent damage and nothing was I got to take her home. I had mixed feelings about this, I was excited at the possibility of a new car but also pissed about the hassle and money aspect. I am thinking that because things worked out so well with the car situation that maybe the new job situation will be lucky too!


Anonymous said...

I hope your job goes well - but if it doesn't you could always jump in your recovered vehicle and drive over to nmy place!! I'd find you a job in my growing local government empire.

Ryan said...

Why is it the nasty cars never get wrecked when they are stolen? If they had stole your brand new Lexus, they would have trashed it.

I'll bet you are employed before long. Good people are hard to find!

Sarah said...

I didnt know about the car thing. One time my brother in laws car was stolen and I found it the next day. Next time let me know, Im good at recovery!

I dont want Jeanette to be mad at me but I really hope you get a jobyou like soon! But one that does not make you work Fri nights!

Hammer said...

Frigging thieves, at least they didn't wreck it on their joy ride.

Baba Ganoush said...

Yeah, that 3% cost of living adjustment once a year does not git r dun! I've worked for 3 different companies in the last 5 years, but my income has almost tripled. Good choice on looking around - it never hurts to just look.

I would have definately been bummed about the car. Getting a blue book value payment would have been sweet!

The Gangster of Love said...

You must not be a fan of "the club".

Sorry about your car getting stolen...that sucks....and I'm even sorrier that it was found.

Good luck with the job hunt!!

That's one clever little Yvonne said...

damn, the least someone could do when they steal your car is to mess it up pretty good or lose it over the side of a bridge. At least then it would be worth it.

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Wait. So this car will get you to a job that will eventually allow you to get rid of this car, is that right?


Nothing like a big "fuck you" to your car...hehe.

Jeanette said...

I'm glad your car was found, although G'Mas car would have been a sweet replacement.

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