Friday, March 09, 2007

Donovan's Almost Two!

Tomorrow is Donovan's 2nd birthday and I seriously can't believe it. I am in total denial that I have a two year old. This year his party is Cars themed because that is what he thinks about 24/7. He woke up this morning and the first word out of his mouth was, "Caa!" We are keeping his party pretty low key and just having pizza and cake. I can't seem to understand the huge birthday celebrations with all the fancy smancy stuff. I would rather spend more money on his presents than on the balloons and plates. We are again having two parties; one with my family and another with Don's family because of the distance and location thing.

In other news, Don's sister went out and bought herself some boobies, well actually one of her boyfriends bought her boobies and the other one is nursing her back to good sweet of them!
I've missed all of my blogger friends!


Hammer said...

Happy birthay to the tyke!

I want my birthday to be cars themed, I love that movie.

And how do you go buy someone fake tits without coming across like a total assface?

"Hey baby, you're flat as a board lets go get you some slingers for me to fub my face on..."


Jenny! said...

I think that is exactly how it went down!

Ryan said...

I thought maybe you had been run over by a bus.

Welcome back and happy birthday to your boy!

He looks like a demon, but a good demon.

bethiclaus said...

I can't believe he's already two! Although I feel the same way about Alliclaus turning one.

I sent out a bunch of invitations to her birthday party and am now thinking, "Gosh! I probably should plan some type of activity for those two hours!"

But I probably won't.

Thomas said...

Happy birthday, Donavan!

Sarah said...

awww, whneare you buying me fake boobies?????

Mt girls feel so left out(especially the smaller one!)

Yasamin said...

awww cute. happy burfday hehehe

anyway *shudders with cuteness overload* i'd get mine lifted if necessary but not filled.

worked in a hospital long enough to hear the horror stories and seen the or listings. just sad.

but i hope hers are good. lol

Anonymous said...

I am surprised hes so young - I had always assumed he was about 15 and a kinda midget or something? Are you sure how old he is?

Steven Novak said...

Happy birthday to the littlg guy!


Steven Novak said...

Happy birthday to the little guy!


Dan said...

Happy belated birthday big guy! It's a good thing you didn't eat that number 2 or you would have been forced to live your entire life as a one-year old. I think that's the way it works!

Baba Ganoush said...

I feel funny. First I was thinking about how I identify with you have a 2 yo. Next thing I know, I'm thinking about boobs.

I guess congrats to the little guy and Don's sister.

Thomas said...

Where you at, Jenny?

Anonymous said...

Hows it going sweet heart?