Thursday, April 26, 2007

Holding Hands In The City

Something that I have noticed the last few weeks while I have been out and about in the city is that couples hold hands while walking. Now it's not like I have never seen this happen before, but EVERYONE does it. Is there a rule for the city of Chicago that if you are a couple and walking on a public sidewalk, you MUST hold hands. It becomes very frustrating for non-hand holding people because the sidewalks are only so big and the hand holders tend to walk slower than the rest of us non-hand holders. It is really really annoying being stuck behind them. I have also noticed that they seem vicious. If you walk to close to "their" man you get an evil glare and they grab hold of "their" man tightly and pull them in close. Now listen sugar, I DON'T want your man, I WANT to walk across the street! Ease up a bit Chicago couples (specifically women), no wonder your "man" doesn't want to hit it every night with you, but opts for shooting pool with the girls at the Admiral and spankin' it later!


Hammer said...

lol I hate that crap too. Down in these parts I call it a "mexican roadblock"

Drives me insane, I just want to get where I'm going.

Jenny! said...


He he he...A Mexican roadblock...that is funny shit!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the women would get lost without a man with a map? Just wondering??

Jenny! said...


You mean the man's "internal" sense of direction??? I've heard it's very reliable!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I admire your frank style.

I'm confused by your profile. If your life partner is a girl, why do you want to marry a dude?

Right on about the hand holders.

I don't hold hands. But I crack my wife's butt in public all the time.

Ratty. said...

Not a problem when I am out and about with my good lady - she lost both arms, some years ago in a terrible accident involving a brand new 'Moulinex' mixer. Litigation is still ongoing.

Jenny! said...

Bugs Butt:

Thanks! My life partner is a girl I met when I was 4 in Jr. Kindergarten and we have been best friends since. We even worked together for about 8 years. I want to marry a dude b/c I like dick!

I can't complain about you cracking your wife's ass in public - that doesn't bother me, its when you start sucking face that gets me!

Jenny! said...


Sorry to hear about your armless chick, must suck not getting jerked off!

Ratty. said...

Not a problem. She has a wonderful prosthetic limb made from pure wallaby hide kept strictly for the boudoir.

Jenny! said...


Glad to hear it!

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