Thursday, May 10, 2007

A New Attitude for the Hip - AKA - Fugly

Alice Roi purse pack, $250.

Kris Van Assche waist pack, $356.

A 3.1 Phillip Lim buckled pouch, $300.

In Australia, they call it a “bum bag.” In France, it’s “le banane.” Apparently much of the world regards the fanny pack, that belted pouch often seen around the large mid-section of unsophisticated (white trash) travelers, as little more than a gag item. I will never be seen wearing a fucking fanny pack...especially not a $300 one!!!


Ratty. said...

Two nations separated by a common language.
Jenny I would love to put my hand in your 'Fanny pack' I am just waiting for the invitation.

Jenny! said...

You had your chance!!!

Ratty. said...

You had your chance

Story of my life. I always read the signals the wrong way!

Yoda said...

Wait, let me get this straight ...

Le banane?

That something to hold your daily dose of bananas?!?!?

Hammer said...

A bowling ball cover, a piss colored jock strap and a binocular case. I could make a million bucks making fashion out of the stuff in my junk drawer :)

Jenny! said...

Yes, actually it is! Everyone needs a banana hammock with a fancy name!

I would be willing to invest in your start up!