Monday, June 11, 2007

The Sun Hates Me

I had a very busy weekend!

I Met my hoe's downtown for some fun in the Windy City! We met at 10 Pin and bowled and drank and ate like the alley was ours! I was quite excited to come in 2nd place our first game, but a little sad because after the 3 martinis I came in last place the second round of bowling! My girl Ashley won both games...shocking!

We decided that the night was still young and we headed over to Rock Bottom Brewery (which I will now be boycotting) for some more drinks...and left with a bad buzz. Now, if you were a server with a dong, and had 5 hot and sexy, slightly intoxicated girls sat in your section, wouldn't you lay it on a bit thick for an increased tip??? Well, apparently our server was not schooled properly on how to provide ANY sort of customer service and was a complete dick the whole time. I went out for a smoke with one of my girls and we came back into the restaurant to a scene in the making. The other two hoes, Sarah and Jeanette, who are a bit, how do I say this, non-confrontational...and they were hiding in the corner as the other hoe, Ashley, this girl got some balls...big balls...was speaking with the manager. Apparently while I was outside, the dick decided it would be a good idea to mockingly clap his hands in their faces when they asked for the check to be split. Dick! I think it all ended fairly well, it was best that Ashley and I didn't tag team the manager as I am sure the night would have then ended with us in the slammer with Paris!

After the incident, we went back to Sarah's casa and drank on her super cool patio. Her fiance tried to start a fire in the fire pit by spanking his wood really hard!

I worked the FoPo Summer Fest table with my old boss (technically still boss since I work the occasional Saturday) and had a great time. Despite the fact that the sun burnt my ass like I was a piece of bread stuck in the was a jolly time. My boss wore the most inappropriate outfit which caused sleazy men to saunter over to the education table and demand balloons. I ate some fantastic steak tacos and had some really good ice cream! After that, I went home and cried because I couldn't move my arms!

Had a busy day at home! D and I went to Home Depot for some plants after lunch. We came home gave the dogs a bath, cut their nails and gave them some much needed love and attention! For dinner we went to Bar Louie and enjoyed my favorite dish, Spicy Chicken Nachos! Came home did more laundry and took a very long walk to Starbucks! Caught some lightning bugs (did not kill them by the way) and went to bed! I love spending Sundays with my boys!
I hope everyone had a great weekend as well!


mollymcmo said...

the sun hates me too.
i'm tired reading about your weekend
the 10pin place looks pretty cool, wish we had something like that around here.
drinking and weekends are fun :)


Jenny! said...

It made me tired typing it out! I want to go take a nap!

captain corky said...

Sounds like a great weekend. And remind me to never cross you or your hoes. ;)

Jenny! said...

That's a good plan! But with your superhero abilities, you could take us!

Sockpuppet said...

I'm sure a nice girl like you wants to keep the bloggosphere clean.

Vote UK News and Politics for the Blogpower Awards!!


Sarah said...

I only killed the bugs that one time! I swear!

What a fun weekend even with the ass at Rockbottom, I am thinking of turning in my mug club card!

Jenny! said...

I voted for Mutley!

Jenny! said...

You should totally turn in your card! Dick! I know you killed more than one inoccent bug!!!

Anonymous said...

Jenny forgot to mention she put Sun-block on her face but not her arms. The More sun there is the more blonde she gets ;)


Jenny! said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know...It's my own fault for not protecting the skin...but I put sunblock on my face and it still burned!!!

Anonymous said...

That's cuz another blonde brought SPF-5 sun block. Which does as much good as fishnets do.


Jenny! said...

I think I would rather be burnt than have a fishnet tan!

Yoda said...

If you had gone to the slammer, would you have cried out "Mommy?" LOL!

Its been a while since I got smashed. These days, I'm usually the DD and I get to have only 1 or 2 when we go out. No fair! I should change some rulez here.

I need to go bowling. I love it, my friends hate it. Once, one of them had their fingernails come off b'coz of a bad choice of a ball. Everyone's scared shit now. Losers!

Jenny! said...

One bad incident with balls shouldn't put you off them forever...tell them to grow some balls (he he) and stop being pussies...You want to bowl damnit!

jungle jane said...

I spent the weekend at a thrash metal festival watching Iron Maiden and Motley Crue among others. I puked in a ditch and then drank a few more beers. I'm sure i could have pulled Tommy Lee if i hadn't puked.

Jenny! said...

JJ: Why couldn'tyou have waited till after banging Tommy to puke...I want ot know if his dick is really as big as Pam says!

La Cremiere said...

Sounds very cool. I tried ten pin bowling but the only time I had a strike was the time I threw myself wiht the ball into the pins. Well almost that bad.

Jenny! said...

At least you didn't throww your ball backwards!!!

Ashley said...

We are one ferocious POH (pack of hos) when we get going. I had a great time. I also enjoyed winning.

I heard you fried on Saturday, but that you had a good time. I didn't hear the cleavage version, though. My weekend wore me out, too. When can we go out again?

Jenny! said...

We can go out anytime! I like my POH time!

So, the cleavage version, or lack of...was very entertaining! I did have a good time though..weird!

So when you want to hang???