Thursday, October 27, 2005


Jeanette and I had another McSucky experience at McDonalds and we emailed our complaint to McDonalds is the letter:

We are loyal McDonalds customers who enjoy playing the Monopoly game annually. We went this morning (we have been boycotting you because of all your crap chicken sandwiches and the change of the numbered meals*) to collect some game pieces and a playing board. We ordered two breakfast meals with medium drinks. One of the meals was incorrect, however; very tasty. As posted on the menu board, medium drinks should come with Monopoly pieces - ours did not! We also asked for a monopoly board and ketchup packets...neither of which we received, but we were told that they were in the bag.

* The new menu is very disappointing. The overwhelming number of chicken sandwiches is unappealing. Also, the retiring of most of the good meals is sad to your long time customers who go to McDonalds for their famous hamburgers.

The Forest Park McDonalds also seems to always be having problems with their ice cream there any way they could get that fixed? I don't understand how a high traffic location is so ilequiped to deal with customer wants.

Your signature Big Mac sandwich does not come with Monopoly pieces...only the chicken sandwiches there a reason other than the inundation of marketing that the Big Mac is left in the cold.

Thank you for your time.

We will continue to visit your establishments, but definetly will not be as frequent.

Jenny and Jeanette


Don said...

Oh very nice, I really liked that letter. I am surprised that you left out those stupid fucking "Best Buy Bucks." I mean come on, who goes to Best Buy to save one dollar on something that's 10-1000. I know have some good luck with getting the $3 B.B.Bucks, but I really don't think I'll even use that because I view it as a waste of my fuckin time. I would probably be banned from McDonalds for life if I sent a letter; I'd most likely tell them to suck my McCock and choke down my McCum the stoopid McFucks!

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