Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Donovan's 1st Halloween was a lot of fun...probably not as fun as it will be next year when he can actually walk and eat some of the candy he collects. Our first stop was Sylvan (as Chewbacca) so that Scooby Doo could take some pictures...Donovan got to see a human size dog and a cow girl there. After getting Chewy hair all over the place, we went home and got into some normal clothes. Donovan, Don and I all went out to eat at Olive Garden...Donovan was a very well behaved little man. It is much easier to take him out places now. After dinner, we went home and changed into the elephant costume and Trick-or-Treated around the block. Didn't get much candy...but that's okay...mommy doesn't need to eat all that candy anyway. It was kind of a crappy day out so we didn't do too much tricking or treating.

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Sarah said...

I saw pictures, He looked very cute, sorry I missed it! I miss the mornings, not teaching, but the mornings.