Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pumpkin Carvin Fun

Last night Jeanette, Sarah, Haley, Ashley and I all got together to carve pumpkins at Ashley's house. We started the night with a giagantic chicken pot pie from Costco...fantastic job Costco! We all picked our patterns out of a really cool book. I have never used one of those patterns before, in the past I would just wing it! My first thoughts about the books were that they took the creativitiy and individuality out of pumpkin carving, but I did enjoy the pumpkin turning out cute! Everyone's pumpkin turned out super cute...and of course we took pictures...seemed like back in high school. We finished the night off with some fantastic brownies that Ashley baked for us and we took out the garbage (Ashley has some pretty scary back stairs)!


Jeanette said...

I also had a blast ladies. I never really thought of the pumpkin patterns as a stop to my creativity, but as an outlet to letting my full potential show through. I am very proud of Sarah for digging through pumpkin guts, even if she did fling some of them across the room. Sorry if people hated the posed picture taking...I'm a big fan, and you were all real sports for playing along.

Sarah said...

I miss group pictures. It has been since like High School Prom since I had one like that. And I had a great time too!!!! Just watching you guys pick out pumpkins was enough fun for me.

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