Monday, November 21, 2005

I Think I Will Read Another

The 1st Nerd Herd's meeting was a success. I had a lot more fun than expected...I was not sure if people were going to be all hard core about the book. A few of our members, I won't mention any names, did not finish the book. This will be their grace period...if it happens again, we may have to revoke their membership (Ha Ha Ha). The book was not an overwhelming success, since more than half of the members didn't like it or didn't finish it. Ashley cooked a fabulous dinner, thanks Costco! I am actually surprised that we spent so much time discussing the book. Poor Haley...she moved Ashley's fridge! I had a really good time, as always at Ashley's, and can't wait till our next meeting in January.

By the way...Jeanette and I have a cooler cover!!!


Sarah said...

Don't hate becuase my book had reading questions in it! I had a lot of fun too and I am also surprised for how long we talked about the book! I am sure A Million Little Pieces will be fun to talk about when we are all high.

Jeanette said...

I agree that it was an enjoyable time. I can't remember if Sarah was supposed to bring markers or glue for her refreshment to the next meeting, but it's kind of funny because the character does get high off of glue. We're not such dorks after all. I really wish that I could take the dumb Oprah's Book Club sticker off of the next book.

Bethiclaus said...

I'm so sad that not everyone liked the book. I recommended it to Sarah and I wanted everyone to be like, "That Bethiclaus...she has such great taste in books." If I move to Chicago, can I join?