Friday, December 09, 2005

There's A Plane In The Street

I could not stop watching the news last night. The whole Southwest plane accident at Midway had me captivated. It is so weird to see a plane sitting in the middle of the street that I just couldn't stop watching. I could not imagine being in my car at a stop light and seeing an airplane skidding towards me. That must have been the most scary thing for the people in the car. I would have soiled myself. This is the second airplane incident this week, I just wonder what the third is going to be like?!? I do actually feel sorry for the people that were involved with this accident, I don't have any sympathy for the idiot that was shot and killed in Miami - you say you have a bomb on a plane...then you deserve to be shot! I know some of you may think I may be cold-hearted because the dude was bipolar, but I don't really care...I'm glad he's dead...moron! I was slightly embarrassed to be a Chicagoan last night because the news reporters always find the stupidest people to interview...the one's who don't use proper grammar, complete sentences, comprehendable English and who look like they just walked out of their trailer or slum to see "whuz be happnin". I would totally be the nosy one trying get the good spot and be on the news...except I think that I could at least give some kind of intelligent sounding description of what happened and what I heard...besides, "really like super like tunder like bangz like a train like coming downz the way that a ways, oh my god, it was like super loud."


Sarah said...

Its time like that when I tell people I am from CA

Jeanette said...

As you know I don't watch the news, but they sound fabulous. That is super weird to see. This was the first picture that I saw of it (you know, because I don't watch the news) and it looks like it's out of a movie.