Friday, December 09, 2005

To Love Or To Hate

The snow and I have such a love-hate relationship. I hate shoveling, cleaning off my car, driving with idiots, getting everything wet from my shoes, the way it looks 2 days later, slipping, busting my ass and bloody cracked dry hands.

I love wathcing the snow fall very peacefully at night, the way everything glistens under the sun, the fluffy stuff all over the place, the way my dogs hop around like bunnies it it, the way it makes everything look so pretty, the things you can write in it and the taste of CLEAN snow!

1 comment:

Jeanette said...

I agree. I do love it more than hate it. That might have changed after last night when I was changing my shoes in the car and the snow from one of my shoes flew into my mouth. Street salt just does not taste as good as table salt.