Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Brittany Spears Sucks!

Recently Brittany Spears beloved son, Sean Preston, fractured his skull, either by falling out of a high chair or because she dropped him (since the tabloids are so willy nilly I am not sure what really happened). I was thinking about what a bad mother and role model she was. How could that happen...a fractured skull...that is serious! If he did fall out of the high chair (which if used correctly is almost impossible for infants to "fall" out of) then Brittany is a moron and doesn't know how to use the restraint system or if Sean Preston was plain old dropped...then Brittany is also a moron. Accidents happen and kids are going to get boo boos, but a fractured skull...come on!

Yesterday, Donovan fell flat on his face when he lunged toward daddy and missed so he fell right through Don's legs and smacked hard on the floor. His new adorable teeth became like a samurai sword and sliced a nice gash between his upper lip and gums. There was some blood...freaked me out, but the little trooper only cried for about 20 seconds and went on to playing like nothing happened. After I called the doctor and my mom, we decided that he was fine and didn't need any emergency medical care (the bleeding stopped almost instantly, he was giggling and playing like normal and sucking on that binky like no one's business). About 15 minutes later, Don and I were still assessing the damage as Donovan got more and more annoyed with his worry wart parents, when he (in a fit of aggravation) slammed his head into my hand. This sounds fairly harmless, if I weren't holding a squeeze tub of Baby Oral Gel. The rounded side managed to be the exact spot that met with the corner of his eye. Donovan is now sporting a black eye! Quite cute however, makes me wonder what the other guy looks like!

So all this has me thinking...Am I a bad mother like Brittany?!? I don't really think so but, I know accidents happen so maybe I should cut Brit some slack.


Jeanette said...

You are totally not a bad mom. I'm sure that it is possible that her son's accidents could have been something simple like yours, but I really doubt it. Babies are used to accidenta like yours, but probably not too many of them will ever have a fractured skull. Isn't DCFS investigating her? I don't think that you'll have that problem anytime soon.

Jeanette said...

So Brittany may still suck, but I was basing my facts off of what some stupid tabloids were saying (like OK magazine) and not a credible source (like STAR). I guess it was actually her nanny that let him fall out of a high chair and out of bed the times after. (It was a new nanny that was in charge of him for the bed incidents.) I really don't blame Brittany at all for this. If I were paying a nanny to watch my child I would expect them to actually be supervising their security in a high chair. The magazine was saying that if she was a good mom and awake by a decent time in the morning she would have been aware of his falling sooner. I think that this is another unnecessary slam at her. If she was a good mom she might have been awake, but also at work. My knew feelings on Brittany...still ugly, but maybe not a horrible mother.