Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Crossing Guard Hell

After my incident with the Circle and Jackson crossing guard, I have been slightly hesitant to head down that way...however, that is not possible since I live 2 blocks away and that is the quickest and most direct route home. Yesterday morning, after I picked up Jeanette, we headed to work taking our usual route (passing the crossing guard from HELL!). When we got to the intersection and almost came to a complete stop, she waved happily (mockingly) at us from across the street and gave us the biggest smile (evil grin) possible. I am so glad that we can get along after all the other stuff that happened. I know she is just trying to be a big bitch by acting all friendly and buddy-buddy...but really...I wanted there to be more heat there...more anger and resentment...I just love stand offs!!!


Sarah said...

Maybe you can get some fighting tips from Judy and then really pick a fight in the intersection

Jeanette said...

I think that she is just waiting and plotting. If she did something to you now you could totally go to the cops and be like, yeah there was this altercation with her the other day. If she waits though they'll think you're the crazy one, because who holds anger for that long. Just wait, the time to fight is coming.