Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Card Rejects!

Since last years Christmas Card Rejects post was such a hit...lets do it again this year. Donovan tried so hard to be a cute little boy for Christmas pictures, but didn't quite get it right. He was so patient, but silly and I was so proud of how hard he really tried by listening and following directions very well. We got a lot of really really adorable pictures of him, but below are a few of the rejects that make me smile and realize how much I really really love my goof ball son, but couldn't cut it on our Christmas cards.

Do I have any bats in the belfry mom???
Okay, I'm does it look?

My tonsils are even cute!

Mom, you lied to me...there are bats in the belfry!

If I keep making faces like this, can we be done now???


Jeanette said...

The last one is by far my favorite. Can you put it on ofoto so I can print it out? Or I guess you could just email it.

Sarah said...

Those are great! What a cutie.

That last one looks like he sent something on fire.