Friday, December 22, 2006

Bank Bitch

I went to the bank today to do a deposit for work and came across a situation that got me quite hot (as in angry...not turned on...pervs)! I am accustomed to the shitty customer service that we receive at the bank our company uses (unfortunately we have no control in picking banks) but today took the cake...

I pull up to the drive-thru and wait and wait and wait and wait. No problem, there was a good song on the radio and I wasn't in a rush and as I said before, this is what I expected. About 3 minutes after I pull up, my favorite teller (she's a hot mess and must suck a lot of dick b/c you can smell the skank oozing off of her) comes to the window and this is what went down...

Bitch: "You should have hit the call button!"

Me: "Oh, I didn't know there was one at this window."

Bitch: "Yeah, it's right there!"

Me: "Thanks"

Bitch: "Use it next time!"

Me: "Okay, thanks...I'm not in a rush so it's no big deal."

Bitch: "Well we can't always see LITTLE cars and then you won't have to wait forever!!!"

Me: "Okay! Do you want my deposit now?"

Bitch: "I'm just telling you about the button so next time you don't have to wait forever if we don't see you!"

Me: "Can I give you the deposit so that I can get going? Or, are we going to waste another 5 minutes highlighting your incompetence?"

Bitch: "Just hit the button next time....Please!"

Me: "This button!!!" As I pushed down on the button and held down for a long long time!

Bitch: "Can I have your deposit now?"

Me: "Can you open the drawer so I can put it in?

Bitch: "Oh!"

Me: "Thank you!"

Bitch: "You are welcome!"

I was so frustrated with her, and I feel very childish pushing the button down like that, but seriously, it seemed like that was what she wanted! I can't wait to see what next weeks deposit has in store for's a good thing they don't serve food, because that bitch would for sure shit in it!


Memo's Mind said...

Next time, I would make the deposit in 50 pounds of pennies. If it took me driving to every bank in the greater Chicagoland area to get that many pennies, I would do it.

Jeanette said...

Can I please come with next week?!? What a dumb bitch. I was just told last night that I'm qutie vindictive, so I might not be the best source of advice, but I think that it was totally appropriate to hold down the call button. She obviously didn't want to get off the subject until she was sure that you knew how to use it. Now she knows.

The Gangster of Love said...

You....are....AWESOME!!! I wish I could have been there, it would have made my day! :-)

Sarah said...

I am sure I would have been terribly red in the face but I would have loved to been in the car for that!

Did she give you candy anyway?

Jenny! said...

No, she didn't give me any candy!!!

Who told you that your vindictive??? I totally don't think so...but that could be because I am also a tad vindictive!

Yes, thank you, I am awesome! And you are all invited to make a deposit with me next week! That wouldn't be weird at all!

Hammer said...

That's freaking awful.

The way I am nowadays I would have walked inside and spoken with her manager.

People like that have no business in customer service.

Jenny! said...

I would have spoken to her manager a while ago, but one of the reason that she can't see "little" cars is that she is sucking off her's hard to see from under the counter!

Jeanette said...

John told me I'm vindictive. Totally true though. I like it that way. Theres nothing wrong with payback months down the line, is there? I say we do get everyone to go do the deposit and make the dick sucking motion when she comes to the window.