Friday, December 22, 2006

Fiach Flushed!

Fiach was a good fish, he never complained or jumped out of his bowl. He kept us company, shared our laughs and our sorrows. He was a great little fish. Fiach lived a long and happy life, full of food and fun. The end was hard for Fiach, he struggled and suffered...but his suffereing, no more, for he has gone to the big bowl in the sky. Fiach's body is now free of pain and his heart will live on in Fish Heaven. Fiach came to me while in the bathroom, he told me that his new home is sweet! He has fresh water 24-7, he gets to eat when he wants and what he wants, he gets to change his pebbles and plants daily (based on his mood) and has two female companions that won't beat his ass. Fiach is so happy there!
This is the common room in Fish Heaven, where Fiach can meet new friends and have a drink!
Fiach also got full use of his beautiful fins back...doesn't he look stunning!
Here is Fiach with his two female companions, Pearl and Star.

We will miss you Fiach!


Jenny! said...

We will get a new Fiach soon...start thinking of names!

Memo's Mind said...

Your little Fiach has joined 7 of my other floatable little friends. I will not list them all here...but know that all fish do go to heaven. RIP Fiach.

As for a new name, I believe a pic should be posted of the new guy so that a name that fits him well is chosen!

Jeanette said...

Oh God! Was he actually ready for fishy heaven or did he have to be forced into it? I'm glad that it's nice for him, it makes me a little less sad.

Jeanette said...

The word verificiation that I just had to type for my last comment ws hilpme. He wsn't dead when you flushed him was he?! He's coming back from the other side of the bowl saying help me. Or if he was dead, maybe Bill was right. Fishy heaven isn't a wonderful beautiful place. It's a stinky sewer.

Sarah said...

I dont believe that Fiach is in heaven as he was actually Buddhist. Thus the confusion. He suffered as needed to reach Nirvana. I believe he is a Boddhisattva now helping other fish to reach their Nirvana as well!

Peace to you Fiach.

Jenny! said...

He was belly up so he definately was ready to go..reach Nirvana or go to heaven...whatever you decide!!

Memo's Mind said...

I will pour some of my Appletini out for Fiach tonight at for my homies!