Thursday, January 04, 2007

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell

The art of Boris Vallejo is characterized by beautiful maidens, heroic men and fearsome monsters while the work of his wife Julie Bell is famous for a sense of color and dramatic composition which puts her paintings in a class by themselves. Muscle is a key concern for both artists, who casually bring to life heroes and deities, usually engaged in superhuman, muscle-popping tasks. Male and female bodies (often sparingly clad to emphasize every curve and muscle in stunning detail) are idealized in Olympian form. Both also paint mythical and alien beings, creating believable creatures from their knowledge of body mechanics. As two of the most acclaimed fantasy artists working today, Boris and Julie have produced art for album covers, trading cards, posters and calendars for (in Boris' case) 30 years...and have seen 15 books published celebrating their breathtaking work.

One of the calendars that Don and I bought this years is Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell's Fantasy Calendar and it is spectacular. The little images above do no justice to their amazing work.


Dan said...

Jenny, wow! You've been busy on your blog over the past few days.

I have always loved their work as well, since I was a kid. You know why? The boobs. Am I bad or what? But now that I've matured (yeah right) I can appreciate the amazing musculature as well (but after first admiring the boobs). :)

Sarah said...

These are [retty cool images. I am just not into fantasy but you can really see their influence on other arts I like, grafitti and tattoos.

Jeanette said...

Totally the calendar my dad got last year! I also admired it for the boobs. JK I would say that their use of color is what I like about them.

Jenny! said...

Bobo likes the boobies too!

Skittles said...

Have you heard of Blog Hopping? I've just hopped to your site. Come visit MINE where I've left a link to YOURS! (This is NOT an ad.)

Yasamin said...

the art's beautiful butI will always been a Luis Royo fangirl over anything else.

His art makes me want to scream with enthusiasm.. or pain.

Anonymous said...

I have a bronze sculpture by Boris Vallejo that was commission by The Franklin Mint. Only 24 were made! I have it on ebay until this Saturday. If you or someone you know might be interested, please reference this item number on ebay:Item # 260254420588

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