Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Are My Boobs Hanging Out???

Today was an odd day. It's not like this has never happened to me before, but three men totally hit on me today.

The first was early this morning on my train ride to work. I got off the "L" and started walking to work, someone tapped on my shoulder, I turn around, it's a big black man (big as in buff, not beefy). He asked me if I had a couple of minutes to chat, I said, "Um, what?" I am not the nicest person to strangers and don't really like to be sidetracked by stupid people asking stupid questions. He was like, "Well, I just had to talk to you. I noticed you on the train but it was too loud to talk to you. I missed my stop just so I could come talk to you." I was like, "Oh, well, sorry you missed your stop for nothing, but I am not available or interested." He was like, "So, does that mean I won't get your phone number?" Me, "Yeah!" Him, "Can't we just be friends?" Me, "That is obviously not what you want and I am aware of your ulterior motives, so NO!" He then preceded to tell me that I have the most beautiful eyes he has ever seen and he takes my hand and kisses it. I told him that I have to go, and I washed my hands with hand sanitizer as soon as I was around the next corner. I also checked to make sure that he wasn't following me.

The next guy is one of the doormen in my building, who totally eye raped my chest and winked at me. Later in the day, he followed me outside and asked if he could take me out sometime...Um, NO!

The third was some pervy looking old guy on the elevator going up to my floor, who asked me, "Are you single?" I responded, "Um, NO!" He was like, "Well, if you ever become single, look me up!" Me, "Yeah, okay!?"

Now, I wasn't wearing anything very revealing or showy today, you would have thought that I was wearing nothing but pasties and a g-string, so I am not quite sure what all the fuss is about. I seriously thought that my tits were hanging out or my vagina was on display.


mutleythedog said...

Can we just be friends? (dont mean that)

Are you single? (Snicksnick)

All three in one with me sexy Jenny...

Hammer said...

Spring is in the air. Carry mace.

zen wizard said...

I think it was just a "Good Hair Day."

Congrats on the "hat trick," anyway.

Ratty. said...

My dear Jenny.
It is a known fact that ladies give out a peculiar natural smell which is believed to emanate from the bracket area. This is a big turn on for us males and will cause all sorts of irrational behaviour as demonstrated in your article. A light application of beeswax in the offending area should cure the problem.

Gorilla Bananas said...

You must have been ovulating, Jenny.

Sarah said...

There is no other reason for these guys to hit on you than you are crazy hot.

Dont they know you are spoken for by a baby daddy and at least two girlfriends! Dont make me come out there and kick some ass.

Jenny! said...


We can be friends any day!

Jenny! said...


Where do you get mace...isn't that illegal???

Jenny! said...


Good hair days don't come along too often for me, but maybe!

Jenny! said...


If what I am thinking you are talking about, ther ain't no way beeswax is going there!

Jenny! said...


I have actually heard that and the whole pheramonse thing...weird!

Jenny! said...


Thanks! I think you are like crazy hot too! That must be why we are so attracted to each other! I would absolutely love for you to come out and kick some ass for your bitch (me)!

Hammer said...

most sporting goods stores have mace or pepper spray, it may be illegal in some parts but it's better than the alternative.

I think the politicans made it illegal because they were tired of it being used on them. ;)

Jenny! said...


Thanks for the info! I am probably better off w/o it, I would just end up spraying myself...I am a spazz like that sometimes!