Tuesday, April 24, 2007

White House 2008

As the election approaches, I find myself pondering the choices! This election is going to be a tough one for me, because no one stands out as a leader. I am not happy with any of the choices. I would like to know what everyone else is thinking about the candidates.

Joseph Biden
Hillary Clinton
Christopher Dodd
John Edwards
Mike Gravel
Dennis Kucinich
Barack Obama
Bill Richardson


Ryan said...

I went to Hilaries web site right after she put it up. In her little video thing, she mentioned she wanted to "sit down and talk" to us. After writing her 34 emails wishing to be invited to "sit down and talk", I finally recieved an email from one of her campainge people stating that I needed to "cease correspondence"....

I replied with another email.

I don't think she really wants to talk like she said she did.

Anonymous said...

I will support Mr Gorilla Bananas

Jenny! said...


I think she might actually be able to kick your ass, you better be careful!

Jenny! said...


Is that a write in???

Ratty. said...

I find Hilary quite sensual in a strange sort of way. I often dream of taking her from behind with dear old Bill standing in the shadows and applauding enthusiastically.

Pastor Stew said...

I think I like Obama. Living in the Illinois (i like to think of the state as being plural) you probablly know him better than I do. But I figure that a Black, Psudo Muslim with little political experience could'nt possibly screw up as much as the last guy. Pure logic would tell you that he has a better chance of making "political mistakes" that would actually benefit the everyday person because the everyday person seems to suffer over the political norm that goes on.

zen wizard said...

Well, I forget who said it, but anyone crazy enough to want the job is automatically unqualified due to insanity.

I would sure be lovin' that 50-foot commute, however.

McCain is almost ridicuously the most qualified--if 90% of the job wasn't kissing ass and telemarketing.

But since it is, Hillary will get the Democratic nod in a bitter primary, and mend the riff with Obama, who will be in the vice-president slot.

(And I hope she remains very healthy, because I don't want a guy who looks like he's not old enough to shave every day with his finger on a Polaris Missile launcher...)

If her fingerprints were on the gun that killed Vince Foster, say, with all the enemies the Clintons have that would have come out by now. Ditto any White Water dirt under the fingernails or evidence of rigged commodities trading.

They will take the election over Guiliani, who will be the Republican nominee.

(Hey--my name isn't Zen Bad-Predictor-Of-Stuff...)

Jenny! said...


I am pretty sure that Hilary would take YOU from behind!

Jenny! said...

Pastor Stew:

That's a good observation...something about Obama doesn't sit with me right. I have this "feeling" about him - not in a good way!

Jenny! said...


You are so on top of things! I hope your not right!

Hammer said...

None of the above.
Notice that 3rd party candidates never get a mention?

bethiclaus said...

Oh my God! Please just do not vote for Sam Brownback. I know that you and I are ideologically very different, but he is some scary stuff. He's from here (Kansas), and he creeps me out.

Jenny! said...


Sorry, they just don't show up on the radar much!

Jenny! said...


Don't worry, Brownback is not an option!