Monday, May 14, 2007

For Don and Josue!

Don and Josue's new favorite show Heroes cast.
Next season you boys should do Monday night Heroes dates!
Then Sarah and I can do something fun! He he he!


Sarah said...

so dont hate me but I totally dig the show too!

Jenny! said...

I know, I know, I know! But wouldn't you rather be a cool kid and make fun of the boys??? I actually don't mind the show either!

ÐoN said...

Lets have a Heros party when Season 1 comes out on DVD! We can dress up as the characters. I'll be the Cheerleader.

Yoda said...

I used to like the show, but in its current form, its just dragging its feet. Come ON, get it over with.

I missed today's episode :-( I just got done with my interview

Jenny! said...


I wouldn't expect you to be anyone else! I want to be Hiro then!

Jenny! said...


What character do you want to be at the party? I think maybe you should be the mind reader guy, or did he die?