Friday, May 11, 2007

Why Couldn't It Be Brad?!?

Universal Pictures has casted Angelina Jolie to star alongside James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman in "Wanted", the graphic novel adaptation to be directed by Timur Bekmambetov (???). The movie will be Angelina’s next role since baby, with shooting to begin in Eastern Europe in early May and then in Chicago. I am so lucky because now my life gets to be inconvenienced by this. They will be closing down streets around my work for days at a time. I wouldn't be upset if the chance to see Brad Pitt was possible, but I don't like Angelina. The movie also sounds stupid. It is reminiscent of Lora Croft Tomb Raider - which was a piece of shit.

Here is a sneak peak: McAvoy will play a young man who discovers his father is an assassin, only to learn shortly thereafter that his dad has been murdered. The youth is drafted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Jolie will play an assassin who teaches the ropes to the wannabe killer.

Wow...sounds just great! Thanks Universal Pictures for fucking up my life for another piece of shit, over budgeted disaster!


Yoda said...

Oh god, those lips. Those lips. I'll have nightmares today.

Why not Brad you ask? How well did Mr. and Mrs. Smith work out? Not so good!!!

Personally, I like Brad more that the gilamonster with gargantuan lips. Yes, I'm hetero. She doesn't even have great tits.

Jenny! said...

I love you! You are the 1st man to have the balls to say that you DON'T like her fat lips! They are not cute plump DSL kind of lips, they are celloid looking fat monster lips! I love Brad!

Anonymous said...

Try and get in the pics Ms Jenny. A friend of mine used tolive near the BBC and he got so mad when they used his street for "street Scenes" he used to go and iron clothes in the front garden in shot. Got on loads of Broadcasts....

Jenny! said...

That's a great idea! Make sure to look for me when the movie comes out!

Jeannie said...

Now now - don't you wish you could be Angelina Jolie even just a little bit? use those lips on Brad Pitt... come on!

And if I swung that way - I'd do Jolie for sure.

jungle jane said...

Jolie scares me. I wouldn't let me boyfriend anywhere near her, the maneater.

i don't actually have a boyfriend. but if i did, i would enforce this rule.

The Man at the Pub said...

My fiance is in love with Angelina. I think she's very over-rated and not even that attractive (well she's not that ugly either). We have great arguments about it.

Ratty. said...

Lady R. says that I bear a remarkable resemblance to Mr. Pitt - just thought you may be interested.
On matters 'Old beef lips' - Not my type but I certainly wouldn't climb over her to get on Mr.Pitt.

Malnurtured Snay said...

Wow, it sounds like a take on "MR & MRS SMITH" - maybe that's why they didn't cast him (they don't want more comparissons).

Yoda said...

It was true, I did dream of giant puffy lips smoking and giving me a blow job. I was afraid for my apparatus.

Hope you're having a nice weekend.

Brooklyn Frank said...

angelina jolie is the devil's spawn.

Jenny! said...

I would be afraid of getting crabs from Jolie's snatch!

It's a good rule! I don't think you have to worry about your next boyfriend, I have heard that Angelina's got the puss on lockdown!

Pub Man:
You better watch that fiance of yours, Jolie's some stiff competition! I hope you win those arguements!

"Old Beef Lips" - that's a good one! So you look like Brad, huh!

Well, when your a one-dimensional actress, there's not too much work available!

I hope you are having a good weekend too! I bet that's the 1st BJ dream that didn't end with wet sticky sheets!

Her and Hilary must be related!

Ratty. said...

So you look like Brad, huh!
So lady R. says. I cant see it myself, when I look in the mirror all I see is Acne, cross eyes and buck teeth. Still they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Diesel said...

I'm sorry, I love Angelina Jolie. But Lara Croft was a piece of shit. It would be nice if they could make more action movies with hot chicks that aren't idiotic. Er, I mean movies that aren't idiotic. I don't care if the chicks are.

Yoda said...

Hehehe, yea! Betcha that was dry :-) Y'day was a whole another deal altogether ;-)

[damn blogger ate up my prev. comment]