Thursday, June 07, 2007

I Stepped In Dog Shit!

My mood lately as been very much like stepping in dog shit. I would not consider myself "depressed", but rather just the feeling you get when you step in a heaping, steamy pile of dog dung! Like nothing is going right, but nothing is really going wrong either, but you still can't avoid that pile. It's a funk that I can't seem to get out from under lately, and I can't exactly pinpoint the cause(s) because there really isn't anything causing it. I don't know how to explain it, but I am sick of stepping in dog shit and having the lingering smell follow me everywhere.

So now that I got that off my chest, let's move on with other randomness!

I am really super excited for tomorrow night! The girls (Sarah/Ashley/Jeanette) and I are going to 10 Pin a super fun bowling, eating, drinking place. Your table is right on the lane so you can eat and drink while bowling. It kind of makes bowling not so white trash.

In Barcelona's Ramblas area, members of the Anima Naturalis movement lie in mock coffins to protest the torture and death of bulls at bullfights. Why are they laying there in their underpants??? Does that help save the bulls or does it just draw more perverts to their cause???

Just a cool peaceful picture of fish!

Paris Hilton was released from jail early today because of an unspecified medical problem and will fulfill the remainder of her sentence for probation violation in home confinement with an ankle bracelet. I wonder what her "medical" condition was??? Any guesses? I bet she was sick of not being able to do what she wanted!This tree in Rosemont, Illinois is causing a stir, it is said that the pattern in the bark resembles the late mayor Don Stephens. Ok, I don't see shit...I guess it would help if I new who Don Stephens was and what he looked like!


Mike M said...

Paris's medical condition was not being about to spend money and be in the spotlight.

The judge has no excuse. He is just a dumba** for letting her go home.

MyUtopia said...

I hear ya! I had one year were I literally stepped in dog pooh like six times! I have been having a hard week this week. I am looking forward to the relaxing weekend.

snowelf said...

I totally know that feeling and I'm sorry you're having it.

And I so want to go bowling with you all! Even with the lame ass shoes, how fun would that be!!

I totally agree with Mike...Paris just makes me nauseous.

Have fun Jenny! I'm sure hanging with your gal pals will cheer you up. :)


Ratty. said...

My mother believed that treading in dog shit would bring you good luck. She used to march me and my 15 brothers round the streets all night stamping on shit - it doesn't work.

zen wizard said...

I'm not seeing Don Stephens, but I see a surrealistic rendition of Alice Cooper during the Killer period.

Variant E said...

Don Stephens? Maybe Don Knotts. Get it knots, trees? Never mind, I just stepped in some s...

Jenny! said...

Mike M:
Agreed! And...she is working on a new album, and who can concentrate on their singin while in prison???

Jenny! said...

Relaxing sounds good!

Jenny! said...

Come on with us, theres alwasy room for more! Thanks for your "feeling me" vibe!

Jenny! said...

Your mother was probably trying to get the horrible smell off of you guys...the poo must have smelled better!

Jenny! said...

I still don't see anything but bark!

Jenny! said...

Variant E:
Ha ha ha, I get it...but only after you explained it!

Paul Champagne said...

Actually, Paris was released after a study showed that the Gross Domestic Product of Beverly Hills decreased by 18% in the three days that she was locked up. Paris is good for the economy.

Jenny! said...

So if her money is good for the economy...I would be willing to use it for her while she's away...I don't want the world to suffer and I know how desperately she wants to fullfill her civic duty by completeing her jail time!

captain corky said...

"It kind of makes bowling not so white trash".

Nothing makes bowling seem not so white trash. Incidentally, have I shown you my bowling shirt?

Jenny! said...

I have not been privledged enough to see your bowling shirt...but would love to!

RAFFI said...

get over the dog shit, it washes off. besides you probably have alot of things to be thankful for.... your child being one. and, at least you're not paris hilton with an anklet on... you're like me, who locks themselves indoors willingly without the anklet;)

Jenny! said...

Thanks for talking some sense...but ya know sometimes you have to like, pick at he dog shit with a stick to get it out of the grooves!

Dan Mega said...

10 Pin is next to the House of Blues downtown right? Or am I thinking of Rock n Roll bowling. Anyways both places are super duper cool.

Jenny! said...

Mega Dan:
Yes, its like right next door to House of Blues! I am glad that they get your coolness approval!

Sarah said...

ok so I see Jesus in that tree and I think before we bowl we need ot go over and pray to it and light candles to improve our game!

Jenny! said...

I will bring the incense...lord knows I my game could do with some prayer!

Yoda said...

Wait. Paris Hilton gets to stay home? WTF? What is her home, the fucking Hilton hotel?? How the hell is this fair?

And her 'unspecified medical condition'? This is what happened after she dropped her soap. The little beyotch got a nice pounding at county jail. That or, she ran out of her coke supply.

I'm of the opinion that she should be fined $5million. We could build so many schools with that money.

Anonymous said...

I think we have a clue to Paris's medical condition a few posts back on Mr Frobishers blog... an addiction to huge dick.

The silhouette looks a little like that Swami bloke the Beatles liked- was he ever Mayor?

Jenny! said...

I think that Big Betty was riding Paris hard and putting her away wet and poor lazy eye couldn't take it!

Jenny! said...

No clue who your talking about, but then again I don't see shit in the tree.

Couldn't Paris compromise for 23 days and deal with Big Betty's sweaty clam...and then get back to the big dicks when released???

Ashley said...

I know who Donald Stephens was and I have to say, that is a real stretch.

As someone who spends a certain amount of down in the poo (which you have to hear about), I totally get it. A lot of people get a little down with summer. I think there are statistics on it. Or, I could just make up my own.

Jenny! said...

I heard that the start of Winter is when depression sets in!

SMARTBuddy said...

Go Fish!

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