Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My New Mission!

Here's a disturbing piece of news...Police are looking for the guardians/parents of a toddler left in a stroller outside a convenience store. The boy, about 1½ years old was found by Ali Hamdan, the store's manager, who said he saw a woman talking on a cell phone and standing next to a stroller on the sidewalk outside the store. He said he heard her say, "If you don't come, I'll leave." When he looked again, the woman was gone, and the boy sat alone. Hamdan wheeled the boy inside, where Hamdan washed out the boy's empty bottle and gave him juice and cheese and crackers. When 20 minutes had passed with no sign of the boy's caretaker, Hamdan called police. Hamdan said the boy didn't cry inside the store, and seemed happy to drink the juice. "I'm the grandfather of 13, and I want that baby's mother to come back," Hamdan said. "He needs love, he needs to be in his mom's arms."

In my opinion that child will NOT be better off in his mother's arms, but with an adoptive family that would love him and not leave in at a convenience store! That poor boy was happy to drink the juice because he probably gets feed root beer and rib tips every day! How can a person leave a baby like that? It makes me sick, angry and sad!

I think I need to stop reading the paper, because all it does is make me angry and upset about people and the shit that goes on. It just makes me want to make it my personal responsibility/mission to torture and kill these pathetic wastes of flesh....kind of like a movie character...I could be the angel of death...or I could be the "Deliverer Of Hell to Fucktards Everywhere!" Can anyone think of any other names for my new profession...I will have my spandex suit made shortly! I am also recruiting a side-kick...anyone interested???


captain corky said...

I can't watch the news or read the paper. They both make me sick to my stomach.

Yoda said...

I have a cape ... well sorta. If I get the job, I can invest in a new one. What benefits do you offer? I need dental to be interested in your offer.

mollymcmo said...

ever since i became a parental unit i have a really hard time seeing/reading about child cruelty. i totally have no tolerance for it.
i can never understand peoples stupidity.
when i was a student i did a shift in day surgery, they had a whole day, a whole fucking day devoted to kids dentistry where kids would come in for removal of teeth (they would have to be sedated) due to drinking pop in bottles.

i'll be your side kick, tell me where, when and i'm there. don't even need any benefits, i devote my precious time to benefit humankind :)


Ratty. said...

How about a nice flash on your the chest of your spandex suit with the initials JJ - Jurisprudence Jenny.
If I was your little rat sidekick would we be allowed to fuck between missions?

Brian in Oxford said...

Mmmm...root beer and ribs. I wish I were 18 months old.

RAFFI said...

potential super hero names:

super spayer
neutering neutrino
bad baba bully
dastardly dad deadener (or destroyer)
mad mama menacer
dirty harry
heidi fleiss
superfly the pimp

Sarah said...

well obviously super fly the pimp is the ideal name. I woul dlove to be your sidekick but I am afraid I am too much of a pacifist for that. Maybe I could just sew your costume for you!

And may I suggest not spandex, killing with a wedgy is just annoying!

Cappy said...

OK. You bought it now! You done touched a CaptainSQL nerve! That's what you done did!

When my beloved daughter was a baby she was crying. Babies do that. My wife at the time took her out of the car and yelled at her. Then before I could do anything about it she drove down the street.

I never want to see the hurt look on my daughters face ever again in my life

Then she backed up and picked up my kid. When we got home I was so angry I went for a walk to cool off. When I got home the police were there, interviewing the wife. That was the start of the Child Welfare people visiting. Since we were married I was in it. Two weeks later the marraige exploded like a cheap firecracker.

The choice was to keep my daughter or my wife. So no matter how bad the ex's health gets, AFAIC she can peddle her sob story on Oprah.

Jocelyn said...

I'm not sure you need a sidekick. I'm afraid of you, all on your own.


Crashdummie said...

Oh oh oh, sign me up for the side-kick!
Although I don’t have any good suggestion for super hero names.. darn marvel, they have already taken the best names. Hmm…

“Jinxing Jenny” & “Ravishing Ruby”… whacha say?

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I think your name should be Morgana the Moron Killer! If anyone even shows any signs of acting like a out! You will be terminated by Morgana. I would also love to be your side kick IQ.


Jenny! said...

I think that I am going to stop...because I am getting way to sad about the state of our world!

Jenny! said...

You need dental, huh...well, I will have to talk to my HMO and see what I can do. So, what do you do with your cape??? Do you have a wand also???

Jenny! said...

Great...your hired! I will flash my signal in the sky to alert you to situations! We have to come up with a signal now...and it has to be super cool and intimidating!

Jenny! said...

I had to lookupthat word...and I fear that the bastards we are going to stopping will just get confused...maybe that would work to our advantage! I would love a little rat would come in very handy...but I can't guarantee would have to give up your dental!

Jenny! said...

Brain: nutritous!

Jenny! said...

Those are great super cool names! I think I want to go the route of the sterilizaton type names!

Jenny! said...

Because in addition to saving the children from horrible parents, we would totally sterilize too!

Jenny! said...

I would love for you to make the costume...but you have to use the Bedazzler!!! You could be my PR manager, so when the accidental so-so parent gets sterilized, you can cover my ass!

Jenny! said...

How awful for your daughter! You made the right choice!

Jenny! said...

Thanks! I think??? I just want a sidekick so that we can double the ass kicking!

Jenny! said...

I likey! I think instead of just me and side kick, we need ot have a whole fricking team, like how Captain America has a gaggle of helpers!

Jenny! said...

I love it! I think I want to name my next child Morgana the Moron Killer! Wouldn't that be awesome!

snowelf said...

I liked Morgana the Moron Killer too! And you guys are gonna need some theme music!

That story was just horrible-sad. But I loved how the store owner took the baby inside and took care of it.
That part was so sweet.