Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Can I Adopt That Child...He Rocks!

Why do babies get to do the things that we adults can only dream about doing?
It's not fair...
I want to punch Hillary!


The inside of me said...

I can't tell if the mother is excited or discusted but I would have to guess the last one. Great picture and story.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Not a Hilary fan myself.
I'd have liked to see Condoleeza Rice put herself forward.
That would be a positive step.

James said...

Ha ha, he looks like the next heavyweight champion.

jungle jane said...

Damn. He could totally get her with that left hand...

Jenny! said...

Inside of Me:
Thanks! I got such a big kick out of this picture!

I would have liked Condi to step up as well!

Right, he's got quite the mug on him too!

Jungle Jane:
I know, he should just go for it!

ADW said...

Oh but to switch places for just a minute....

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Damn, you beat me to this pic. I had it line up for this week!

Actually, Punch is the wrong verb as to what I would like to do to her...

Looks like I will have to go to plan B for the political pic.


Jenny! said...

Right, there are so many people I would love to punch!

Sorry ot steal your thunder!

Yoda said...

"Why do babies get to do the things that we adults can only dream about doing?"

You mean to say you wanted to throw poo as well??!?!? LMAO!!

I donno, maybe I watch politics on TV too much ... but even then I'm SOOO confused as to what each candidate actually stands for. I can't tell the difference b/w Clinton, Obama and Edwards. The only guy I know stands out is Denis Kucinich. He would get all of 0.001% of votes.

I hope that the upcoming debates actually shed some light on their differences!

Nocturnal said...

Too funny, agreed but at least she's not as bad as the inbreeder.

Jenny! said...

I would gladly throw poo at Hillary too!

Jenny! said...

Who is the inbreeder???

Brian in Oxford said...

It woulda been funnier if the baby had a Shocker ready to go, rather than a punch.

Jenny! said...

Brian In Oxford:
That would have been so much better! But I would rather punch her instead of use the shocker on her!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Have a look at a picture of Hillary in '92 and tell me you wouldn't have eaten her out.

-Papa said...

I want the picture of the asian baby that's near Hillary, the one with his leg cocked up like he's about to go Jet Li Medieval on Senhora Clinton.

Hammer said...

Yep good kid, give him a cookie.

Keshi said...

LOL why d u wanna punch her Jen?


Michael C said...

If that kid isn't photoshoped, he is serious. Look at that clench and the intent look on his face!!!

Heart Of Darkness said...

I say "Go ahaead!"...


Instead of starting a pay-it-forward with red roses, I'll probably start an international slap-that-bitch line... LOL

Crashdummie said...

Can't u teach ur kiddo to do that? But you know what, i'm sure that would be hís first impulse if he saw hillary - it's in the genes!

Loved the pic - rock on dudette! ;)

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I don't think Hilary can win, put simply.

I can't see her carrying Ohio.

Charlie said...

fab pic! yup...he looks SOoo disinterested!

Sassy Blondie said...

Why is THAT woman scaring the baby? Has she no conscience? I think he didn't punch her because he was afraid she could swallow his arm. All children know about witches and their pension for child flesh...

Anonymous said...

hehehe wipe that smile off her face!

true blue said...

Hi jenny ! First visit ! interesting and amusing stuff here ! Cherie Blair has the same effect upon me as Hilary has upon you ! It is widely believed in the UK that she has similar political aspirations as Hilary, and given the chance, would dispose of the British Monarchy thus becoming the first female President of the UK. She is well known in my home town and never misses an opportunity to promote herself, supposedly supporting local charities ! Cherie and Hilary are "Birds of a Feather" and great buddies to boot ! So whilst Tony is President of Europe (He wishes) we`d have the "Two Witches" governing the two of the most powerful Nations in world. Scary thought !
I agree with you about Condoleza Rice and greatly admire her ! Such an accomplished and intelligent woman. get the campaign rolling now !
P.S. Donovan is so cute .

RAFFI said...

yeah, you're so right. babies get to suck on boobs every day... why can't i do that?

RevRee said...

I wanna punch Hillary too!

I say a little prayer ever night before going to sleep, asking God to protect us from Hillary.

She has shifty eyes...seriously!

Anonymous said...

Who is the old lady on the right? She looks like Mary Poppins!!

electro-kevin said...

I like that.

In a funny way Hilary C is quite sexy.

Anonymous said...

Ek Hilarys a lesbian

Airam said...

People hate Hillary?? Really? Why's that?

Sorry I'm just ignorant when it comes to American politics ... I have no clue.

Cappy said...


Jenny! said...

That is so fucking nasty!

He he! I think that would be cool!

He could have a dozen cookies...and some milk!

I HATE Hill!

Michael C:
I know, he is all like vein's popping serious!

Heart of Darkness:
That is teh best idea EVER!!! I love it!!!

I would be afraid taht she would eat my son alive if he got that close...damn witch!

I also think that she doesn't have a chance...although everyone's saying would be a cold day in hell and pigs would start flying out my ass if she won!!!

Kids are so lucky, they don't have ot contain their emotions and actions! They are the most honest of humans!

I was thinking the same thing about her being a witch!

Her smile scares me even more than her evil/serious face!

True Blue:
Thanks for stopping by! I don't know much about Cherie but will take your word for it...we should trades sometime...just to mix it up a bit!

Isn't that the life!

Her face fucking scares the shit out of me...those devil eyes! Shudders...and crys!

I didn't even notice another person in teh picture, but yeah, she does look like Mary!

Electro Kevin:
Gross me the fuck out!!

Hillary is not a lesbian she is a unich!

Some people think she is the best thing since sliced bread, I am not one of them...I fucking hate her! She is a shifty witch!

Right on!

Diesel said...

Oh yes. Yes.


MONA said...

LOL! Your comment makes that picture so funny!

HAR said...

Oh yes,
Condi has done such a great job with foreign policy. Can't you tell?
Sorry for the sarcasm but Condi Rice is absolutely useless unless you count shopping in NYC.

Fever Dog said...

It's ok, I expect Hilary bit off the child's head and drank its blood right afterwards

Jenny! said...

Stop touching yourself when you come ot my blog!

Thanks, but seriously, kids can do things and get away with it...when we adults have "face the consequences!"

Most woman are useless...your right! Just kidding (did you sense my sarcasm???) I think most politicians are useless!

She sure did!

honkeie2 said...

Child can smell rotten choocie a mile away.