Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Over...Back To Work!

Friday night Jeanette, Ashley and I went to The Pleasure Chest to pick up a few supplies for a bachlorette party that Ashley is hosting. It's always a good time at the Pleasure Chest. This time we overheard a conversation in regards to cock rings that I found highly entertaining between a sales clerk and a little bitty Asian girl (I really thought she was going to ask where to find the "How To Bukake" video). The girl basically was asking about different rings and the dude was very openly talking about which he has used, which he likes and dislikes and which ones are designed to go around cock and balls or just cock or just balls! Very educational! I really want to buy one...they look very cute! They are like real fancy...but expensive too!

We went out to dinner after at some bar/restaurant on Southport that had way way too many children for a Friday night. At one point a straw was flung at my head from our neighbor table of rugrats. I don't really mind, I wasn't even mad...but the dad was screaming at the little boy to apologize to me, which became awkward after the boy starting hitting his dad and refusing to say sorry to me. The dad was relentless and wouldn't let up. These parents were awful, they were so not together on the parenting thing. The whole meal was spent listening to them argue about how to punish the child...while the child acted up, spit on the ground, spilled drinks and just was a brat. I think the worst mistake parents can make is not being together on the punishment thing and backing each other up, otherwise kids will run circles around the parents while they are arguing with each other.
I also went to a Cubs game this weekend! They won! Yeah! I am not a very big sports fan, but I don't mind going to a game or two. We had awesome seats, right above home base. I love ballpark food, the hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, nachos, ice cream...but it is so fucking expensive! How is it that the ballparks can anal rape us on food and beer and NO one says shit about it! We calculated an approximate amount of money that is made per game off of food, beer and souvenirs...its close to $1million! That is fucking insane. Athletes (if you can even call half of them that) are way overpaid...and I know this isn't like news to people, but it pisses me off! After the game Don, Donovan and I went to dinner and then to Enchanted Castle. Donovan rode the go karts with Don and had such a good time. He walked into the place and just stopped! Looked around in amazement and was literally stunned into a catatonic state! He had such a good time, and so did we watching him!
Speaking of I the only one that hasn't seen the new Harry Potter movie???

What the hell is Shakira doing??? She looks retarded, someone should really show her an easier way to hold her microphone!


RAFFI said...

if you wanna see shakira doing some weird shit, check it out... i'm sure many doods will be intrigued by this one.

Brian in Oxford said...

That's the advantage football has. You bring your own drinks 4 hours before kickoff, get loaded, fill up on higher-quality food in the parking lot, and then you don't have to spend any $$$ inside the stadium! just bring a stadium pal (or stadium gal) for when the dam breaks, if ya know what i mean.

Hammer said...

I agree with parents being on the same page. Damn I hate brats.

captain corky said...

I haven't seen Harry Potter yet, but I hope to soon. Football games are great. Have you seen da Bears yet?

minijonb said...

glad you had a good time out at the ballpark. it's getting almost as expensive as seeing a... a... a movie at the theater.

Charlie said...

I WISH i was an athlete and got paid a gazillion pounds per game. *sigh*

Sounds like you had a FABULOUS weekend and did loads. THey're the best kind I think! And yup...saw the Potter movie...i liked it but then again i havent read the book so had nothing to be disappointed about!

Gardener Greg said...

I always get stuck next to the bad kids in a resturant. We usually ask for the smoking section because that is the lessor of two evils.

I went to one ball game and I refused to pay 10.00 for a beer. I'm just not going to do it.

Anonymous said...

my hometown was the losing team... surprise surprise. we suck.

zen wizard said...

I went to an enchanted White Castle once...

Isn't that picture the White Sox?

I dunno; they broke my heart in 1919 and I haven't really forgiven them...that's really rough on a kid...

I WOULD like to thank the Cubs for giving me this shout-out with their sign, though...

Jenny! said...

That's not that impressive...I can do that too!

Brian in Oxford:
I would rather pee myself than use public toliets. Wrigley still has troughs in the men's room.

Brats suck! Parents that agree have much better behaved children!

We should see Harry together! No Bears games for me yet!

Its ridiculous!

I haven't read the books either, and I haven't been disappointed yet!

Gardner Greg:
Smoking section is a good plan! Damn kids!

You guys started off really good...I was fearful that our asses were going ot be handed to us!

Sorry that you are still hurt from that...but hey, they did personalize that sign for you!

ADW said...

I beat my children once a day whether they need it or not... my hillbilly parenting plan.

Jenny! said...

I bet that does wonders for keeping them well behaved! Good advice! I would beat peoples kids for them, we should start a business!

-Papa said...

One other thing lame parents fail to see, their child's behavior in public is a direct reflection on the parents, or the man and woman with the kid who only appear to be physically there.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I don't know what the food is like at games in the US, but here it's very variable. What we get is usually cheap, but bite in to it, you see why.

Yoda said...

No, you're not alone with the Harry Potter thing! I've meant to watch it for a long time now, and it keeps getting postponed. Damn it, its so hard to get FIVE independent minded people to agree on a movie :-|

To top it all, I wanna see it on IMAX, but I donno if the others are willing to shell out $12 to see it there!

Loaf said...

Going to watch the new Potter on Wednesday; mildly optamstic about it, and will probably be enhanced with beer.

Shakira may not have much clue with a mic, but I'll forgive anything for those hips :)

Brian in Oxford said...


is the stadium gal....if you're not familiar :)

George said...

Christina can look as retarded as she likes in my books ... sigh

Jenny ... the picture on the sidebar ... legs resting on a table on the balcony. Are they yours?

Keshi said...

Shakira seems to love making life more difficult.


Jenny! said...

It is a total reflection on the parents...and they are so stupid they don't even seem embarrased by the childs bad behavior.

I think that the food is mediocre...the hot dogs are great! But not $4.00 great!

I want to see it in IMAX's hard with the showtimes and getting a schedule and babysitter straigt!

Shakira is very flexible...see Raffi's comment, I am sure you will sploog your computer screen...I can do that too don't get too excited!

Brian In Oxford:
I am not familiar so thanks for the link!

That isn't Christina...that Shakira!!! And I wish those were my legs. That is a Jack Vettriano painting that I adore!

Jenny! said...

It would appear so, I don't get it??? Why hold the mic like that???

Ashley said...

Did you have to pick sides at the ballpark? Or, was it okay to root for the Cubs since you were at Wrigley?

Fever Dog said...

Is that second picture your bedroom?

Jenny! said...

It was ok for me to side with the Cubs...but when I wore the Cubs jersey...that was a bit much!

Fever Dog:
That second picture is my closet!

Sassy Blondie said...

If I have to watch baseball, let it be at Wrigley.

I can't decide about Shakira. Sometimes she looks really beautiful and other times she looks like some kind of shape-shifter. No one could love her as much as she loves herself, however.

You realize that every search anyone does for "Bukake" will lead them to you? LOLOLOLOL

I have no problem correcting other people's children, it's my job. And I don't care whether or not I'm in a school when I do it.