Monday, August 27, 2007

Brad and Familia!

Brad Pitt treats son Maddox to a New York City delicacy – street dogs! Poor Maddox does not look impressed and I bet he is wondering what kind of meat comes out of a metal box on the street and what that awful smell is! It looks like he may toss his cookies before the dog hits his hand!
Angelina Jolie, daughter Zahara and son Pax and Maddox join Brad Pitt in New York City. Where the fuck is Shiloh? The only biological child that Brad and Angelina have and they don't bring her with? And when the fuck did they adopt Pax??? Do they have any more children that I should know about? I wonder if Brad would like to adopt a 26 year old secretary from Chicago?


Flyinfox_SATX said...


Stick with Don...He is way better than the Branjolina mess going on there. I don't think you are missing a thing.

Dyck!! said...

Wow, Brad's wiener is quite impressive. But still no match to Mighty D!

minijonb said...

Brad should take the paparazzi's camera and shove it in the hot dog boiler.

captain corky said...

Those dogs are amazing. I don't care what's floating around in that water. Can I have another one please?

George said...

I've checked out your bio and nudie pics ... I'll adopt you. Meet me at Anonymous Motel on route 66 at 7PM Thursday



NamesAreHardToPick said...

Brad Pitt has to be most awesome guy in the world. It is weird that females like him since he admits he isn't well endowed at all.

But still, awesome guy.

Brian in Oxford said...

only if you call him Daddy....

fatwonkkid said...

you don't understand...NYC dirty water hot dogs are so damn good!

I was wondering where the biological daughter was. Maybe she was banished because it is more popular to have "minority" children rather than a whitey kid in your arm!

snowelf said...

Jenny--I just had a thought! What if they traded her for Pax!?


Bugwit said...

Hmm...aren't they inconspicuous? Just your normal everyday couple walking through manhattan - with four kids of different races!!!

How DARE you people hound us in a private moment!

Stan!! said...

'course, Ms Jolie is not one for hatching her own offspring.
I tell you, Jenny!!!- Angelina should never have split up with Billy Bob Thornton- biggest mistake she ever made.This Pitt fella hardly compares.
Perhaps Dyck too could adopt some Third World kids....

Yoda said...

If Brad adopts you, you'll have Angelina as your mom? You sure you can handle that? I think its best if you keep your relationship with Angelina just as frenemies! :-p

Hammer said...

Maddox knows what's in them, he's from cambodia from chrisakes! Wok da dog! ;)

Kelly said...

orrrr.... a 24 year old secretary from Vapidville... cause you are moving up and on... I am still a measly secretary! :-P

EmRocks said...

I love how in the first pic of Brad it says "Diva" behind his head !!!!!

Sarah said...

I dont think that what you have in mind with Brad is what one would call adoption!

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Yeah...where is the girl?

-Papa said...

It's cool you like Brad, but do you like him enough to share him and you with Angelina at the same time?

zen wizard said...

What are they trying to be, "United Family of Benetton" or something?

Geez, what a pain.

I am glad I don't have a girlfriend who is a "saint," I need to be a couch potato sometimes.

Well, most of the time, if you must know.

Christie said...

If you can't manage to take all your kids out with you, why have that many. Honestly, she tries to play it like they do everything themselves, yet you know someone has those kids when they are off screwing around. Sorry, I can't stand them. Period.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I want to be adopted too! Will they buy me those cargo shorts that the mo-hawk kid is wearing????

I'll get a mohawk too. Fuck it. Just let me live in your mansion and bang the babysitter every couple of hours.

Crashdummie said...

gosh,so much is happening with brangelina that i feel lost - thank Heavens that ur hear to update me!

Hmm guess could get all the sindie info if u were adopted by them, but i wouldn't let u sacrafise urselflike that.

Brad, take me instead!

(no wait, that didnt sound right now did it... or wait, thats eaxactly what i meant.. proceed) :p

chuckdaddy2000 said...

I bet Shiloh is at home feeling like the oddball. In any other family the adopted kids feel weird. But compared w/ his exotic siblings? BORING

Cappy said...

You mean to say Maddox may toss lunch?

Debbie said...

He can adopt the 26 year old secretary if he can also adopt a 32 year old editor as well. I always wanted to call him Daddy.

Keshi said...

I sometimes feel that Angi and Brad r going too far with this adoption thing. I mean money cant really buy genuine motherhood and family life.


Keshi said...

and oyeah Brad wud luuuurve to adopt our sexy Jen!


Betty Boob Hug said...

I read they were looking to adopt another kid around november...

but it's all just gossip fodder huh.

Jeanette said...

I think you may be too white to join the clan...they already have their quota on blue eyed children. They adopted pax like 2 months ago or something, right before Angelina decided to change his name to something she liked. (It wasn't originally Pax in the orphanage)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Maybe. Then, if Angelina adopts ME, we could be brother and sister.

Ashley said...

I've been away for a few days, but now I am back!

I am so over these people. At least they actually spend time with their kids, but so do a lot of other celebrity parents and I don't have to see that all of the time. Maybe they will even adopt a kid from America at some point. Wouldn't that be a novel idea.

RAFFI said...

that's my pretzel stand he's buying from. angelina also bought me for three hours of lovin.

Diesel said...

You know way too much about these people.

Michael C said...

I'm glad that they obviously are not spoiling their children by bathing them, combing their hair or dressing them nicely.

Akelamalu said...

My guess is their bio daughter isn't as newsworthy as the others!

Slick said...

I'd never want Angelina Jolie to adopt me....I'm totally against incest.

Mike M said...

The old Kid switch-er-ru. A and making B do a lot of crazy stuff.

I don't think you want to been Jenny! Brangolina. You will have to move to every disaster location on earth every 3 or 4 months.

Tyler Durden said...

I don't know if Brad wants to adopt a 26 year old secretary from Chicago.... But I do!

Akelamalu said...

PS There's a little something for you at my place. x

honkeie2 said...

But if he adopts you wouldnt those dirty thoughts of yours be incest?
I wonder if they need a 'Manny'?

Jenny! said...

Well since my offer of adoption hasn't come in yet...Don it is!

You have the biggest weiner around!

Violent Brad would be hot!

You can have mine...anything floating around weiners is not going in my mouth!

Ok...let me Mapquest the directions!

Its not he size of the boat...but the motion in the ocean!

Brian In Oxford:
I would call him whatever he wanted! Daddy would work...can I sit on daddy's lap???

Yes, biological children should be hidden away...minority adpotees are the trend! Dirty water hot dogs does not sound appetizing!

Ohhhh, how scandelous! I bet they did, she wasn't dark enough!

Its a rainbow of love family!

Brad is twice the man Billy Bob will ever be...don't be dissin my future daddy dude! Dyck and kids...does not sound like a good combo!

Ha ha ha...Freinemies...ha ha ha!

Oh shit...thats gross!

We could be a two-for-one special!

He's out in front of the Godiva store...but that is pretty fucking funny!

Tru dat...but that's the only strategy I can think of to get into his house!

Diva's Thoughts:
I want to know that two!

I can share Brad with whoever he wants...just one taste...and I would be a happy camper!

Zen Wizard:
Angelina is far from Sainthood...this whole goody girl stuff is just to make up for the shit person she has been!

I will never hate Brad...but yeah they probably have like 5 nannies for 4 kids and dont do shit unless the cameras are around.

Dr. Noisewater:
Oh...I could be the nanny! Good idea, never thought of that as a way to get into the family...sounds better than adoption!

You, me and Kelly are going to be Brad's new exciting! I can't wait for us to be sisters!

That's true...she probably feels like the outcast and will be the wild child!

You would think from being saved from that aweful country of his origin...he would be gratefull for a meal...after all Angelina did "save" him!

Ok...that makes you, Me, Crashdummie and Kelly as possible adoptees...I think a four for the price of one is a bargin that Brad would not be able ot refuse!

My feelings are that there are tons of kids waiting to be adopted from the US too...why do they go overseas when there are tons of kids in their home country needing good homes...and your right, money doesn't mean your a good mother!

Betty Boob Hug:
Must get ready for November adoption...what should i wear? I wonder what country they will adopt from this time!

Tru dat...too many white babies is NOT good for their image!

Bug's Butt:
That would be fun! You keep mommy busy while I entertain daddy!

Are you suggesting that they adopt from their own country and help out a child in need in their OWN country...that's a ridiculous idea! The US doesn't have ANY children in need!

Brad hasn't been statisfying her cravings??? Shame...I would be completely satisfied!

I know way to much about Brad...Angelina and the rugrats just happen to be attached ot his hip!

Michael C:
Ha ha ha! They want them to feel like "normal" kids!

The biological kid doesn't produce enough talk for their licking...they hide her away!

Slick: can call it whatever you want but if Brad wants it...he can have it!

Mike M:
Tru dat dude...but since I look more like Shiloh...I can be left behind all the time!

Tyler Durden:
The fact that you have a Brad icon...from the best movie in the world...Get the adoption papers ready daddy!

Akelamalu: fun!

I can deal with the incest taboo if Brads part of it!

Nocturnal said...

I've always like both of those celebs, they do cool work and seem like cool heads in general.

Kelly said...

they like adopting kids so much... they should try and adopt a freaking secretary! or two...

blog Portland said...

Who's that skeleton in the black dress?

Keshi said...

true...first help ur own country b4 u go to help another...


Jenny! said...

I LOVE Brad...but Angelina falls a bit short for me!

Absolutely...we can make all their copies for them too!

Blog Portland:
That skeleton needs to eat some meat!

I do think its important to help out children in your own country...if we cant help our own, how can we be expected to help other countries! If our children are can we justify helping 1st!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Brad Pitt has been insome great films.

Fight Clib will always remain a favorite of mine.

I really see it as a post-marxist critique on the lot of the average western Male.

zen wizard said...

Shouldn't they adopt a REAL Mohawk kid?

I am sure they could bribe the tribal elders and make this happen.

That is an ethnicity that is conspicuously absent in this family.

But then, I guess upstate New York isn't the most "exotic" place in the world to go kid-shopping...

("Wok the dog" is a good one, by the way.)