Friday, August 24, 2007

Schmooze King

Don is good at schmoozing, well not just good at it...he is the schmooze master, he wrote the book on schmoozing. He can talk people into giving him free shit...even dudes (not always gay either), like at Starbucks...he gets fucking free drinks all the damn time. I can show some tit and I still have to pay for it! Bastards!

Anyway...Don and Donovan went for a walk yesterday to go and watch the diggers and dump trucks at a construction site close by. Donovan fucking LOVES trucks, cars, diggers, motorcycles and basically anything with wheels and made of metal...such a manly boy! I don't know and don't want to know, what Don did or said to schmoose the construction workers, but they let little D sit in the big digger and touch the buttons and stand in the scoop...Don also got the construction dude's to take a picture of the two of them!

I really can't imagine what kind of schmooze tactics Don put into play here, but look at the cute pictures he good work schmoozing Donnie...and baby...why are you walking all funny?


Flyinfox_SATX said...

Is that how Don got you? Did he Schmooze himself into you life & pants?

The pics are great! I bet Donovan had a blast!


-Papa said...

I can show some tit and I still have to pay for it!
You have to pay money to see your own boob? That's weird. ;P

Hammer said...

Pretty cool. I bet kiddo's got the gift too!

jford said...
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jford said...


I am sure you also would sacrifice walking a little funny for a few days to put that smile on Donovan's face! Cute pictures.

Papa, I think the "it" she was referring to is sex. :)

Jenny, I am sure you are equally beguiling and charming in the schmooze department.

(Hmmm, wondering when I will get a chance to buy Jenny a Starbucks coffee ... ;) )

captain corky said...

Your boy is so cute!

And if you show me some tit I promise to give you anything you want. ;)

honkeie2 said...

I am good at it to, I have even gotten chicks to buy me drinks at the bar. I love taking advantage of people.....oppss that came out wrong. Let me take it back out and stick it in again and again and again.....oppss I think that one came out wrong too. I think maybe I should try sticking it in a different way.....hmmmm which way should i try?

Brian in Oxford said...

That's not Carlos Mencia in the picture with Donovan? :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! that is so freaking cute! I love that little picture of him in the scoop!!

papa cracks me up.

BEAST said...

Coooool pics , I am a disaster at schmoozing things as well , I was flying back from New York with a mate of mine a couple of years ago , we both had business class tickets , but all the flights were overbooked , SHE got upgraded to concorde , I got fecking downgraded into economy or i would have to wait two days for a seat , I WAS THE ONE WITH A CONFIRMED RESERVATION
it still makes me mad to this day
****does angry dance*****

George said...

Jenny ... I know that you can schmooze your way out of traffic tickets ... bat those eyes at the cop or show some tit ... If it's a female cop and I showed her the entire fucking package (pun intended)it wouldn't help ...

fatwonkkid said...

that would be cool if he got a ride in that bucket..although probably dangerous.

snowelf said...

I think Donovan has inherited Don's skillz. I really do!

What a cutie! I love the one of him standing in that digger!!

My son loves helicopters and airplanes. We live across the street from the hospital and when the "heck-a-copter" lands, he ALWAYS begs to ride in it. Then he cried when it flies away!!


Angela said...

I wish I could smooze. I'm cursed in the game of life.

Stan! said...

Schmooze is good, I embrace it and dispense it on a daily basis. It's a professional necessity for me. Without heavy duty schmooze ability, I would be nowhere.
As a Conflict Analyst, you must have a fair measure of schmooze about yourself.
Don might have Irish ancestry...I suspect.

Bugwit said...

My 2-year-old nephew has to be taken outside when the garbage trucks are coming by. He's completely fascinated. He and the drivers waive to each other.

Mike M said...

Don is a King! In fact, let just refer to him as Don King!

A subwoofer?? You see that everyday?? I want to hang out with you!! 3500 times a second, all over the world?? That's one loud party!

Michael5000 said...

Man! That's like a superpower.

*~*Cece*~* said...

That's too cool!

MyUtopia said...

Cute pictures.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Ok that is too damn cute!!! ADORABLE!!! I love it.

minijonb said...

now Donovan wants to be a construction worker when he grows up. and you can blame Don!

Mike M said...

OK, Jenny! You are cheating!! Time for a spanking!! HA

Stacie said...

LOL..that's so cute. Just look how happy Donovan is. He's adorable. I'm a total sucker for sweet talkers, girlz or boyz..I'd give ya the coffee and you wouldn't have to flash me for it!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Ah well, as long as he's happy!
Don looks like he enjoyed it just as much.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Ah well, as long as he's happy!
Don looks like he enjoyed it just as much.

Variant E said...

Actually you could get a coffee for showing a just have to get the coffee BEFORE you show the tit!

Jenny! said...

No, he stole to get into my pants! D always has a blast with daddy!

Ha! The price for admission keeps going up!

Little D has got the gift and more!

You can buy me some coffee any time and any day! And yes, I would walk funny forever to make my son happy! I do have some schmoozing powers! Wink wink!

Anything??? Even you Superman underwear?

Well, you are so damn can girls resist you sticking it in...or buying drinks rather!

Brian In Oxford:
Ha ha! I does look like Carlos...maybe I should start calling Don that!

I just wish it wasn't with teh cell phone camera...I LOVE it!

You should be angry...that sucks! I will do an angry dance in your honor!

True, I can schmooze fairly well myself! The cops can't resist!

Dangerous...but that would ahve been so cool!

Thats fun that he gets to see them all the time...and kind of sad that he can't go for a ride! Donovan is going ot be better than daddy in the schmooze department!

Anyone can do it!

Don is far from Irish. I can schmooze myself...but I dont got the level of game he does!

What's with kids and smelly trucks...its so cute that they wave back!

Mike M:
I think calling hin Don King...would go to his head! I did my best to guess and the subwoofer things is the only thing I could find!

It is...its amazing the shit that you can get with those powers!

It is!


Diva's Thoughts:
I know right, I just want to squeeze his cheeks!

Thats cool with me, he can be whatever makes him happy!

Damn, I thought I got caught, but I admitted in on my I am bending over...spank away!

Well then get a job at the Starbucks by my house girl!

Yes, they both enjoyed it alot, big trucks and stuff!

Variant E:
I don't get wouldnt be free if i already paid, got my coffe and then flashed!

Anonymous said...

I like diggers as well - and demolition machines. A few years ago I was an objector on a scheme and they lured me into acceptance by letting me play with their machines...

Yer pics are back - by the way!

Dyck!! said...

Show me your tits and I'll let you operate my crane.

Christie said...

It's amazing what men will do to get a peek at the titties, isn't it.

But your son is cute, and I'm very impressed with your man's ways. He'll be the hero for the youngin' for awhile!

electro-kevin said...

Twin toddlers excitedly running towards playground dumpers "Twacktor ! Twactor !" I remember it well (7 years ago now)

Lots of photos, Jenny. Take lots, he'll grow so fast.

Miss Smack said...

I really love the pictures of your son. He's just a lil sweet-heart. xx

Akelamalu said...

It just goes to prove you will do anything to make your kid happy!

Tyler Durden said...

hmmmmm yeah.... what Dyck said.

phishez_rule said...

Thats so awesome. I'm not into boytoys, but I'd still be stoked to do something like that.

Yoda said...

D & D company look great together!

I need to learn the fine art of schmoozing from Don! I kinda suck badly at it :-(

This is why, this is why D's hot!

RAFFI said...

free star*ucks!!! oooohhhh, i'm tellin

Nick said...

I'm smooth as fuck, I can schmooze with the best of them

Palm Springs Savant said...

Schmoozing is such an importan skill to will take him far in life!

Michael C said...

Will he teach me the power of the schmooze? In a straight way, of course.

Jenny! said...

I like playing with machines too, but only if I get to destroy things...thats cool!

Can I play wiht your wrecking ball too?

You would be surprised at what I would do to peek men's cocks!

That's so cute! I can't believe he's already 2 1/2...I take tons of pictures!

Miss Smack:
Thank, you...He is quite the charmer as well!


Tyler Durden:
So can I play wiht your wrecking balls too!

Yeah, boys toys can be boring...but not when their actual sized!

Come and spend the week with my will fit right in and then you can learn the art of schmooze!

Don'ttell...they might raise their prices to ass rape you even more!

Smooth dudes can get what they want when they dude!

Palm Springs Savant:
I think your born with the schmoozing skill, it's not something you can just learn!

Michael C:
Of and Yoda can come spend a week in our Schmooze Boot Camp!

Keshi said...

ow wut a cutey!


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

If you go down to a construction site and show some booby, I guarantee they'll let you stand in their shovel.

Stiletto said...
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Stiletto said...

is there a book you can buy on how to perfect this art of schmoozing??
If so, I want it! if not, ask him to write one =P

random moments said...

Aw, you know you got a good man when he'll turn tricks for family fun. ;)

Jenny! said...

Thanks...isn't he teh cutest!

Dr. Noisewater:
I'm sure!

Good idea...he should write a book...then I can benefti from the profits!

Random Moments:
Life is all about turning tricks!

Jeanette said...

Bad Ass! Almost as exciting as all of the diggers and other thingies you pointed out along the way on our ride.

Nocturnal said...

Boys and their toys, that kid looks like he was loving life.