Thursday, August 23, 2007


There's a fun game going on over at Sunshine's place
to see who can match the doppelganger to the bloggers!
Since I have no clue who my doppelganger is,
she sent me to this website to find out.
I used my profile picture and here are my results.

Krista Allen

No clue who she was, but found out that she dated George Clooney (barf, I hate Clooney) and she was on Baywatch for 27 episodes! She's also been in a ton of sitcoms, but only walk on rolls or one episode, so not anybody truly famous...the only reason people know who she is, is because she fucked Clooney.

Kristanna Loken
She is a model and actress, not a very good one though. She starred in Terminator 3 which is probably her most acclaimed role...and she was also the main character in the fucking horrible ass movie Blood Rayne...if you haven't seen it...your lucky! Meat Loaf was also in Blood Rayne...need I say more?
Aishwariya Rai
Never heard of her before, but apparently she is some well known Indian actress also known as The Queen of Bollywood. She is going to be in The Pink Panther, wow, she must be REALLY great then!

Alley Baggett
Don't know her either, but my guess was that she's a porn star or a transvestite...or both. I was close, she's a Playboy Playmate and her measurements are: 34C-23-33. She stared in Playboy: Girls of Hooters (1994) and Howard Stern's Private Parts. What a girl!

Shirley Manson

The lead singer of Garbage...that website must me joking! If I looked like her I would hang myself. She looks like the product of FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome). She is one scary ass bitch and there is no way I look like her! Please tell me I don't look like her?

Gemma Ward

Perhaps worse than Shirley Manson, this little lovely got selected as a match for me! The Australian model and actress hasn't done much of anything....her favorite dogs are cocker spaniels though...oh goodie! She looks like she has down syndrome for fucks sake!

What do you all think? I don't think I look like any of them!


Variant E said...

Damn, you need to start looking like bigger celebrities...that was a motley crew! But I did enjoy that nude scene of Kristanna Loken in Terminator 3. Could you reenact that piece so I can see if there is an exact match? ;)

jford said...


The good news is that you definitely do not look like Shirley Manson or Gemma Wood, although I do think if your creepy co-worker turned you into a doll you would bear a resemblence to Gemma. Brrr ... freaky.

I don't think you have any resemblance to Baggett or Rai.

Kristianna Loken has an attractive face and is only two leagues below you in looks, although I have to agree with variante e about seeing you re-enact that scene from Terminator 3.

That is not a very good photo of Krista Allen. She is much more attractive than that photo.

I think we need to find a better celebrity doppleganger site!

Stacie said...

That last one looked like a doll from the post below. YIKES! No way you look like her!

random moments said...

Maybe if you took a little out of each? I think the Shirley Manson one is far fetched.

How about Jenny McCarthy? She's funny, blunt and has a purty mouth. Mm hmm.

blog Portland said...

Poor Jenny and her C list looks...

I think I did much better than you did.

Heart Of Darkness said...

YES - very Krista Allen!!! :)

Your answer has, btw, been posted...

captain corky said...

A lot of people say I look exactly like Superman. They're obviously right... except that I'm much more powerful than that wuss.

Malcolm: said...

I think that Aishwariya Rai is one of those actresses that guys like me know because we think she's hot... but if you ask us how many of her films we have seen, the answer will most likely be zero. By the way, you do not look like Shirley Manson.

chuckdaddy2000 said...

From the Queen of Bollywood to Pink Panther 2? Ouch! She should just skip on to Girl of Hooters.

minijonb said...

Krista Allen always has been hott and always will be. She's also a complete train wreck. You could blog about her.

Sunshine said...

I still vote Krista Allen. She is a hottie.

Flyinfox_SATX said...


You look more like Kristanna Loken. Ok so her movies may have sucked but she was HOT in T3. And if you can make your breasts expand like she did in the movie, you will be good to Go!


Brian in Oxford said...

Maybe the Shirley Manson one came from that picture on the blog last week with the scary eye makeup?

NamesAreHardToPick said...

Are celebrities getting less attractive? The last two looked so fake, they might as well be mannequins.

Mike M said...

Jenny, you are one-of-a-kind! Don't go comparing yourself to them. They should be comparing themselves to you!!

Jenny! said...

Variant E:
I don't remember that scene it T3...are you sure you weren't watching Tits and Twat 3???

Thank you that is reassuring to know I don't look like Shirley...but I really really dont want to even come close to resembling Gemma! You are very sweet! Please do find me another celebrity doppelganger, I am just not happy with these!

Thanks chicka...she does look like those creepy dolls...scary shit!

Random Moments:
That's funny you mention Jenny McCarthy...she is THE hottest chick of all time and if I am totally in lesbo love with her! I have been told that I look a bit like her when I had blonde hair and I can do her crazy eye thing too from her Singled Out days!

Blog Portland:
C list fuckers...bringind down my stats! And Chuck Norris better...I dont think he even makes any list???

Heart of Darkness:
Really??? I think its just the pose in the picture!

I bet your junks bigger too!

Thank god...I don't look like Shirley Manson...and that girl is only mediocerly least to me...and where do guys here about these girls who dont do shit?

ChuckDaddy: low can you go!

I have never heard of her before this...aren't most model/actresses train wrecks?

Better her than Shirley Manson!

I seriously don't remember seeing her boobs in T3...I think I may need ot watch that movie again! I can make my boobs flex...does that count!

Brian In Oxford:
He he! Maybe...but I used my profile photo...I just dont get it!

Agreed...none of those girls seem drop dead sexy to me! I guess I wouldnt think I was hot if I was a man!

Mike M:
They should damnit! I am one of a kind!

Crashdummie said...

hahah omg, no, ur far wickeder then all them combined jen!

Yoda said...

I wanna bitchslap the site for having compared you to these whorebags!!

Airam said...

Oh I love Aishwariya! She's in a movie called "mistress of spices" set in san francisco if you're interested in checking her out.

honkeie2 said...

who I didnt know any of them! But I do just about any of them lol

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I used to have a real thing for Shirley Manson...

Gillian Anderson with attitude...

Jenny! said...

Well thank you! I know I am wicked!

Ohhhh, you are so sweet...would you really do that for me???

Does she get naked in that movie???

Shocking...I would have never guessed that you would like to stick you dick in something female! As long as it's warm and wet right?

Ewwww, gross...really?

Christie said...

Krista Allen played Billy on Days of Our Lives for awhile, too. And she was the chick he punched Jim Carrey in the elevator in Liar, Liar.

RAFFI said...

i'd do all of those women, all except the garbage chick and the aussie model. i don't think those two look anything like you. i guess, that means, i'd do you too.

snowelf said...

Actually Jenny, I think you look like my cousin's old roommate, who was just gorgeous! I'm sad I don't have a digital pic of her to send you.
She was a really cool kick ass sassy chick too. :)


Stan! said...

Oh I love Aishwariya too. She has yet to reply to any of my e-mails though...Jenny, you have a slight resemblance to Krista Allen I would say.
What's with all this Shirley Manson hate, people?

mutleythedog said...

I got Osama Bin Laden and Pol least yours are all pretty if unknown..

-Papa said...

The celebs(?) you listed don't come close. I think Monica Bellucci is the closest match, but she's got a better rack. ;P

Paul Champagne said...

I don't think any of them can match your looks ... Though I must say that Aishwaniya Rai is pretty hot ... sort of like a younger Angelina Jolie before she got ugly.

EmRocks said...

Lol. You know like all of those girls are porn stars right? lol

George said...

Hey girl ... you look better than all of them. I have seen the Indian chick and she is really beautiful. Wonder what she looks like naked. Do they get naked in India?

Dyck!! said...

I'm not picky. I would doppelgang bang any of them.

Dan Mega said...

This is one of your weaker posts.

I kid. Buy me lunch then lets go make out.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Chelsea Clinton? A bit. The mature, sexed-up version of Chelsea.

Keshi said...

**Never heard of her before

lol its amazing how UNKNOWN Aishwarya is in ur part of the world when she's so very popular in Bollywood...actually she's at the TOP there. And she is a Miss.Universe.


TheBirdman33 said...

I'd rather see you naked than any of those chicks.

Thats my story and Im sticking to it

TheBirdman33 said...

No Shirley Manson you don't look like Jenny!
Oh wait, did I mix up who's blog this is?

TheBirdman33 said...

They just chose the first 2 because of the positioning in the pictures.

Airam said...

Barely ... she doesn't even kiss the main man character on the lips although they have a 'sex' scene if you want to call it that. i think she'd get arrested or some shit like that back in india.

Malcolm: said...

Hi Jenny: Even though Aishwarya's films (as well as Bollywood movies in general) are becoming popular in America, there are still a lot of people who are unfamiliar with her.

I'll bet that many guys discovered her the same way I did... through Yahoo. She also often shows up in the "Today's Top Searches" section of Yahoo as well. When I signed on to Yahoo this morning, there was a picture of her on the main page because she is in Paris filming "The Pink Panther 2". When I did a little research on, I found out that she has over 17,000 websites devoted to her... damn that's a lot of cyberspace!

Loaf said...

Gemma Ward is one creepy doll faced freak, I'm sure you don't look like her. If you do, you'll be in for a lot more attention from your doll loving co-worker!

honkeie2 said...

warm, wet and pulse optional

Kelly said...

You are way more famous than any of those people!

Number two looks a little like you... but you are def the better looking out of all!

mutleythedog said...

Has your picture gone or is it just me?

mutleythedog said...

Mines gone to!!

BEAST said...

I am still too creeped out by Freaky Doll Woman , to comment.

Akelamalu said...

You don't look like any of them, try another picture see what you come up with!

Jenny! said...

Liar Liar is one of my favorite movies!

Your so romantic...I wouldn't do me if I looked like those two either!

I like kick ass sassy chicks! Thats funny that I look like your cousing though...small world...maybe we are related!

Shirley Manson is a dog, dude! One scary ass chick! You should stop by her house and ask her why she hasn't responded ot your emails!

Ha ha! Osama could probalby make some decent money in Afganistan working for AlQueda as his double!

I don't know who she is either...but I looked her up and she's pretty f'ing hot...I don't think I look like her either...but why you gots be dissin my rack bro?

Angelina has always been ugly in my book...she doesn't have DSL's she has KDL's! Thanks though...your very sweet!

Um, actually none of them are porn stars...the one is a Playboy Playmate but that doesn't mean porn star.

Always a sweetheart you are! I don't know if she would get naked in Indian films...but maybe we can search her house for a sex tape!

Really...even the last one...your dick might fall off inserting into that fugly mofo!

Dan Mega:
Your so mean to me...If you want ot make out you need to be all sweet like George!

Bug's Butt:
OH. MY. GOD. Chelsea Clinton??? You must be on crack...I am so offended...she is butt ugly! I would rather look like the Bush twins. I do have a cousin that looks like Chelsea's identical twin. I can kind of see the resemblance...but it doesnt make me feel very good!

She was a Ms. Universe??? She is really pretty, so that would make sense!

I know, its the pose, I found that annnoying...that's my pose...bitches!

How do you have a sex scene if they dont even kiss each other...well, I know its possible, but nakedness and sex really tabo in India?

That's a shit load of websites! She's really beautiful, but unlike you men...I don't go perusing the internet looking for hot chicks!

I would kill myself if I looked like a doll faced freak...please don't let me look like her...that doll lady at work would totally try to take me on vacation and pose me! Oh, nasty thoughts!

Snort snort snort! Ha...pulse optionally...what won't you stick your dick in? Is anything off limits???

Thanks...your too kind! BUt I do enjoy blatant flattery on occasion!

Crack is whack baby...what are you talking about? My pictures there or am I the one on crack and just seeing things?

Her dolls are watching you...does that make your balls shrivel up? I know it makes mine!

I will have i am getting a bit weirdo obsessed to see what other crazy matches i get!

honkeie2 said...

well....I dont think I would do that Helmsly lady that just died. Even when she had a pulse and was younger she was still pretty damn fugly!

-Papa said...

I ain't dissin' yo rack, especially since you have to pay to see your own boob. ;)

Thomas said...

I heart Krista Allen.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

According to them...I look like:
Kareena Kapoor
Catherine Deneuve
Julia Stiles
Katie Holmes

Michael C said...

They call Aishwariya Rai the prettiest woman in the world. Now you can tell people that!!

Jeanette said...

How did they figure out who your person was? You totally don't look like them. No FAS here thank you!