Saturday, August 04, 2007

Rant & Horns!

I am feeling a bit pissy tonight, so I will rant in hopes that it will make me feel better!

Last night me and my girls went to the annual used book sale at a local school to get some books for super fucking cheap. Last years book sale was...interesting...but this year was much better! We go to the preview night, which means we pay $5 to get there first before everything gets picked through. My rant is going to be very similar to last years rant...but sorry...I have to.

The kids books are in boxes on the floor, with isles just big enough for two people standing butt to butt. The fucking hippy scum of the world decide that it's a great idea to bring their fucking gaggle of children with them. Now this event is popular, there are tons and tons of people and its hotter than fuck and people stink worse than cow ass...great place to bring the kids don't you think! People are also ruthless, they will jump in front of you to grab a book, push you to the side and get really fucking feisty!

So, moms with three rug rats will go over to the kids section, sit down in the isles, and start READING the books! The books are 50-FUCKING-CENTS...JUST BUY THE FUCKING BOOK! The mom's are letting the child block the isles, make a mess and read the books there...leave your kids at home...if you want them to look at books and decide which ones they like...go to the mother fucking library! But no, let's make a big fucking mess, block everyone else from looking at the kids books, and basically be a fucking pain in the ass over 50 cent books! I just get really annoyed with parents who find it necessary to be assholes and take their kids everywhere, this is a sale that should be adults only.

Some of the other people were nuts too...they were scanning the bar codes of every book trying to find some rare book worth shit tons of money....fucking crazy ass people! One guy was going through the soft-cover fiction/novel section with this scanner thing...and he picked up a clearly new looking book, scanned the back, and checked its fucking dumbass...that book only has about 10 million other copies that can be found in any bookstore around the world! What a fucking idiot!

It's no surprise that I have very little patience for ignorance and stupidity, but I fucking hate people! Why can't people use common sense and deodorant!

Okay, rants over...I feel much better! On to cool shit!

Donovan started, on his own, throwing up the horns! It's the most kick ass thing ever...I have been trying to get a picture of it, but his metal horns have been elusive! I don't know where he picked this up, but he points to things with the horns and uses it very frequently now! I find it to be very cool! He's doing it a bit wrong since he doesn't hold his thumb down, but I have overlooked that since it's just too damn awesome!


michael5000 said...

Oh Jenny, if you had a child of your own, you'd understand that.... oh, wait. Never mind.

Those dudes with the scanners work for used book stores. They're trying to find books they can sell at markup. I'm in Friends of the Library here, so I get a shot at the sales before those locusts come through. So annoying.

Hammer said...

You know the horns came from Ronny James Dio's grandmother?

And yeah friggin hippies and their skanky antics what a disaster.

phishez_rule said...

Some people should just not breed. At birth people should have their breeding privileges revoked and they should be reinstated only when they can prove they can look after kids and not be complete and utter morons.

Easy for me to say. I don't have kids.

Your son is so cute.

Akelamalu said...

Some folk have no idea how to control their children.

That's one cute kid you've got there! :)

istanbultory said...

'hope you picked up some good reading material. In Europe, there is a widespread belief that people in the USofA use books as a substitute for firewood. How wrong those surrender-monkey Europoids are!
Nice shot of young Donovan there. Blessed are the metalheadsfor they shall inherit the earth. My own son, who has just turned 8, can swear fluently in several languages and has a strong interest in the work of a composer called 50-cent. What more could a parent want!

istanbultory said...

Miss Jenny,
Many thanks for making me a pimp.

Jeannie said...

It's not that kids should be kept out, it's the insconsiderate parents of the kids. I'll bet if you had the kids in tow, they'd be considerate and sensible - judging a book by it's cover and moving the fuck on. I think in circumstances such as this, if you can keep it somewhat civil, suggesting that the aisle is not large enough to be a reading nook and the books are inexpensive enough to make an error in purchasing with to the inconsiderate assholes, you'd be doing them and everyone else a favour.

Dealers take the fun out of treasure hunting. But they've gotta make a living too. Even a new book might be valuable if it is a first printing of something that took off or will. Scanners seem like cheating though. And they should be made to go through after everyone else has had their shot don't you think?

electro-kevin said...

Don's a cool dudey !

He likes trains too :-)

I'm an engine driver BTW.

fatwonkkid said...

wow, he eve has the tongue down... does he head bang while doing it?

Sassy Blondie said...

I'm so sick of people not supervising their kids in public places. Pisses me off more than most anything!

I love that pic of him, Jenny! He's the absolute coolest kid ever!

Jenny! said...

Just because I have a child doesnt mean my common sense and decency disappeard! The scanner dudes are they really find anything worth all that time?

Didn't know that...and hippies piss me off!

Phishez Rule:
Totally agreed, its is not secret that I support mandatory sterilization! Thank you!

Thank you...I hate watching parents who are stupid...its embarrasing and frustrating!

Istanbul Tory:
I read alot thank you! Does you son sound like 50 while singing...cuz if he does...send him my way! Just kidding by the way! Your welcome Pimp let's discuss your pimp juice!

They should really have a separate cleared out area for the kids ot go and read a reading rug, that way they dont block everything...and I would not be able to keep it civil long enough to be appropriate!

Electro Kevin:
He loves trains...and Don's my fiance...not my son, but he's cool too!

He was head banging...he has a does a very good metal head impression!

Thanks! That is my biggest fucking pet peeve!

Yoda said...

You think scanner dudes are nuts? What about those dudes on TV selling metal detectors so hoards of ppl can go find pennies in their back yard?!?! Gosh. That has got to be the most retarded hobby EVER!

I love used book sales! Minus the kids of course ... and plus oodles of deo!

George said...

Cool son ... very cool rant. You spoke for everybody about parents who can't leave the children at home, think they are absolutely precious and let them run rampant. To control them they stand where they are standing/sitting and yell for them to come to them. Assholes.

Stupidity and be fixed, ignorance can't

Jeanette said...

I think next year we should definitely bring scanners with. We could quit our jobs and our livlihoods would just be going to a book sale once a year. Of course we would have to stop showering and wearing deoderant, so I'll have to think that one through.

If Donovan's thumb is up too isnt that sign language for I love you? He signs when he's hungry and has to shit, so maybe he's just expressing his devotion to you!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

But did you actually buy anything yourself?

Fifty cents is nothing for a book!

Here you'd expect a quid or so

Fever Dog said...

Teach him to do the shocker. In public.

Jenny! said...

Do they really still sell metal detectors??? You should come next year...August 1st...mark you calendar!

I don'tthink stupidity can be fixed...parents like that are the absolute worst most annoying scum bags!

I think your right, didnt think of that...but if the hand says I love you...what does his face say...I love you mom...but I will kill you Stewie!

Yes...Jeanette and I got 20 books between us...i took home 10, she took home 10 and then we will trade them!

Fever Dog:
Will do...that one requires a bit more hand control...may take some hard work...but it will be worth it!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

From crowded trains to crowded book sales...You sure seem to like hanging out in places where your ass gets to touch other asses.

Nocturnal said...

That kid is a rocker *hopefully*, not a future inbred texas longhorns student.


Don said...

I didn't know Fitty Cent writes kids books??? I hope the subject material is appropriate for the kiddies.

Crashdummie said...

Wiii congrats! U totally deserv it, although gotto say, i think ur son deserbs it more...

Rock on!!!! ;)

random moments said...

Oh I HATE that kind of stuff. Get a fucking babysitter!!!

I went to Target last night with sis and there were two kids RACING up and down the isle I was on. I was trying to pick out throw pillows and having to dodge them at the same time. I wanted so badly to stick out a foot and trip them. Parents no where in sight.

Great rant!! I could rant about this stuff for days.

snowelf said...

You should have brought lil' d. He would have whipped out the horns, all the prudish nursery land mom's would have freaked and yanked their kidlets outta there!

You know, I can take my kids ANYWHERE without them pissing people off.
(Okay, they did pull down a video store shelf one time, but that was totally an accident and it should have been bolted to the wall if you ask me!)

lil' d rocks!

Christie said...

You know in Portland they are actually trying to ban children from certain restaurants. As a parent, I think that sucks. But as a person that wants to pretend I have no children while I eat my $50 steak while I'm wearing a dress and make-up, I understand why children shouldn't be in expensive fancy restaurants.

And I love the horns. Too cute. The tongue out makes the picture! Like a mini-headbanger.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Sounds like a pain in the ass event.

That kid is just too adorable!!!!

Paul Champagne said...

Jenny ... you really should watch your blood pressure, you're going to have a stroke if these rants continue ... and we wouldn't want that.

Brian in Oxford said...

There's his tongue again...and now he's one finger away from learning the Shocker! Although, if a girl's got enough taint, you might need a two-finger gap to reach ;-)

honkeie2 said...

Thrown up your devil horns is a must in my family, now all I need is a pic of my little demons in training to show a litle dark love the darkside!
'Cum to the darkside we have cookies!'