Thursday, September 13, 2007

Naughty Food!

I made a deal with a friend of Loaf's that I would post pictures of me using a cucumber as a dildo...If I got to see his cucumber first! Well, below is what he sent...and I don't think it counts (still entertaining) but not enough for me!

I hope everyone has a fan-fucking-tastic weekend! I will hopefully get a chance to catch up with has been busier than a gang-bang fluffer!


Anonymous said...

I worked as a Fluffer for ONE WEEKEND when I really needed the money, and now I am branded for life!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wait...did I over react?

Anonymous said...

Those food pics are pretty funny and kind of hot.

Gives me some ideas of how I would like to spend my next vacation....Jenny...

Ashley said...

Those are fantastic! I doubt you will see books of those lying around at gift shops!

Steph said...

Why am I suddenly hungry?

harry bahls said...

i would like to see you with a cucumber up your twat also...or anything up there. thanks

electro-kevin said...


Honestly, Jenny !

Why over use expletives when 'fuck-tastic' would have done.

jford said...

"Busier than a gang bang fluffer ..." FLMAO!

I will post a few cucumber pictures to see if we can help you along with the cucumber post ;)

Have a fuck filled, er, fan-fucking-tastic weekend.


SMARTBuddy said...

(..In a sick in mouth type way). More filth! Very clever though, so lets call it art.

Jason said...


Michael C said...

You have a great weekend too! I might hold off on the fruits and veggies now for a while though ;-)

random moments said...

Is it wrong that I just got a little turned on looking at veggies?

Brian in Oxford said...

Fucking eggplants are everywhere!!!

Flyinfox_SATX said...

A gang bang Fluffer? How descriptive. I need to coin that one. Have a great weekend! Decompress this weekend and have a lot of fun while you are at it!


Yoda said...

Pornstars have fluffers? Didn't know that. If the naked woman with great big breasts and a brazilian pussy isn't enough to get a guy up, what will!!

julie said...

Interesting. No wonder there are so many vegetarians around here...

Diesel said...

I still hate vegetables.

*~*Cece*~* said...

Only you, my friend. LMAO

Akelamalu said...

Those pictures are fantastic!

Have a great weekend you deserve it working at that funny farm! :)

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I hope you have a kick ass weekend too!

Istanbul said...

Yeah, it's me...Stan!! but I can't post under my fuckin' name.Goddamned blogger bullsit.Cocksuckers...Fuck'em..
Anyway, where was I. Well, given the clientele of your distinguished blog I really don't think there was any need for a link to the meaning of "fluffer" I'm guessing a lot of these people already know the meaning of that kind of terminology. If ya see what I mean.

Stan!! said...

Christ on a cracker, I'm back under my own moniker. That is a relief!

Anonymous said...

see! See! This is that shit I was talking about! I am so going to get fired one day!

My trainee has gotten to see a lot of interesting things on my screen the last few days.

This topped it though... LOL

I agree with Random-I may have to go use Han Solo now...

EmRocks said...

thats super nasty girl

Fyremandoug said...

I love the art work, very creative

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Sounds to me like your little friend is about to toss his salad.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Fluffer is the one job where you get fired if you're too good at it.

Em said...

I do appreciate good art. :)

Josh said...

I was always getting in trouble for playing with my food and I wasn't even getting up to that much fun.

I'm off to the fruit and veg shop to get my 5 serves for the day!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I like the middle one best- it appleals to my sense of aesthetics.

snowelf said...

Nice food pics! How creative!!

Birdman's a fluffer.

I love and hate your new job. I miss you blogging as much, but I've been so damn busy myself that at least I'm not too far behind!!

Have a great weekend too Jenny!



RAFFI said...

i'm with 'random moments'... surprisingly aroused by throbbing eggplants. i think this is what i've been looking for all this time. thanks, jennay!

abstractjenn said...

Jenny - have a great weekend. Your son is pretty damn cute!

Nocturnal said...

Veggies never looked so good, especially those lemons.

Have a good one this weekend.


MONA said...


where did you get these!..some 'art'!!

LOL! hot & funny!

phishez_rule said...

I love photoshop! Haven't seen anything like this yet though.

NamesAreHardToPick said...

That is the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life. Some of those were big though. Damn girl.

Jenny! said...

You want to spend your next vaca with eggplants???

Give's dildos a whole new meaning!

Hungry or horny???

Harry Bahls:
I bet you need to shave your balls first...then we can strike a deal!

My apologies...I will no longer use extra fucking expletives while blogging!

Sweet...cucumbers rock!

You can call anything art and get away with it!

Glad you laughed your fluffing ass off! Ha ha!

Michael C:
I think those pics make the veggies look more appetizing!

Random Moments:
You obviously like dark veggies!

Brian In Oxford:
I hate eggplant...except when it is used sexually!

I thought it was pretty funny! Gang bang fluffer...he he he! Sometimes I even manage to make myself laugh!

I can't believe you have never heard of a fluffer before! See you learn more and more on my blog!

Veggies are good...but I like meat way too much to ever give it up!

You hate veggies...but I bet you like meat!!!

I just can't help it!

Thanks...I hope you have a great weekend too! The funny farm is fantastic though...I seem to fit right in!

Diva's Thoughts: too chica!

Fucking blogger! I wasn't sure about fluffer...and sometimes its fun ot look things up! Are you calling my readers dirty sluts???

Han Solo or Jaba The Hut? Sorry about almsot getting you should know by now that there is going ot be something dirty at least everyother post! Ha ha!

You know you liked it!

Thanks...I didnt create it...but I like it too!

Is it possible to toss your own salad?

Dr. Noisewater:
Tru dat! That's why they hire ugly ass bitches with missing eyes...prevents accidents!

I appreciate good food fucking art!

Stock up on some cantalope and cucumbers!

More ho for you dough! A girl that has a little junk in her trunk gets you all worked up heh?

I love and hate my new job for that reason too. I miss you guys! I am having withdrawl!

YOu have been looking for throbbing eggplants to ram their bananas into your peach?

Thanks...I think he's cute too!

I would prefer some cantalops over the lemons though!

I always wonder who makes this stuff! Like who is sitting at the kitchen table looking at their veggies and setting them up in sexual positions?

People come up wiht some crazy shit with photoshop!

I would have liked bigger melons instead of lemons...but yes...I thought it was hilarious too!

Anonymous said...

that is why i keep coming back for more! I will risk it... ;-)