Monday, May 07, 2007

Derby Hats

I guess wearing lavish hats is a tradition at the Kentucky, okay...why?
Here are a few that caught my eye...

I like the hat because its a very artsy picture. Her lipstick matches the rose shade almost perfectly and she looks very sophisticated. I guess I like the picture more than the hat itself.

So, it's not the hat in this picture that grabbed my attention. It's Star Jones and her floppy weird looking boobs. I can't stop looking at them...gross! I also can't take my eyes off of her extremely long fingers and have this mental picture of her gripping Stedman's johnson (wait is Stedman Ophrah's man???)

This is a really ugly hat, however; worn by Jenny McCarthy it looks stunning. She is my favorite celebrity female of all time. I think she is the most gorgeous girl. She is very talented as well: Playboy Playmate (doesn't take talent, just a banging body and a great rack, which she has), a TV host (most fantastic show on MTV years ago), a writer (I think she has written two books) and actress (also doesn't take talent, just a Playboy membership in tow). But that's okay, because I will never stop loving her! I should put my Jenny McCarthy boner away now and move on!

She only wants me for my pimp juice!

I'll let Nelly take this one...

"You actin like you never seen it befo' Like them country boys ain't got no dough Bitch please - GET OUT - but don't you slam that do' DUST YOUR SHOES OFF - befo' you touch that flo' Cause you wanna put your feet on my rug, don'tcha? You really wanna put your feet on my rug, don'tcha? You're in a hurry - SLOW DOWN - and I might letcha touch it You ain't from Russia, so bitch why you rushin'?"

"Pimp juice - oooooooooh-ooooooooh-hoooooooo I think I need to let it loose (might think I need to let it loose) Let her loose, let her loooooose She only want me for my pimp juice (that's all she want me for f'real) Not my pimp juice, I'm talkin new pimp juiceI think I need to cut her loose (it's time for homegirl to recognize) Yes I do, yes I doooooo-hoooo"


Ryan said...

Ok, we are both on the same page with Jenny McCarthy....

I should put my boner away too while we're at it.

Thank's for stopping by my blog, and I'll be back to check up on you after the summer.

Be good!

Ratty. said...

There is something sexy about a girl in a salvation army hat (You can leave your hat on - Tom Jones) and I wouldn't rule out the tambourine either.
Tell me what sort of hat you wear Jenny???

Ratty. said...

Perfect - Nelly F. in a Salvation army bonnet.

Jenny! said...

You will be missed! I love Jenny!

I like to wear trucker hats...I find it accentuates my head very well!

Jenny! said...

I actually hate wearing hats, it makes me feel subconcious about my ears sticking out!

Hammer said...

Those are some crazy hats. Mcarthy's looks like potato sack.

Star, floppy boobs, man fingers...I'm not hungry anymore ;)

Jenny! said...


Sorry to ruin your appetite!

zen wizard said...

Regardless of how many cases of Pimp Juics® you have in storage, some hats should only be worn at Churchill Downs or Pebble Beach Golf Course, depending on your gender.

I am not sure exactly where that last guy's hat would fly.

I know it is a violation of the Pimp Code to even comment on another guy's lid like that, but have to be carrying a six-pack of Pimp Juice® in an Igloo cooler to get away with that hat.

Jenny! said...

I agree, he needs a gold chalice to go along with that hat!

Sarah said...

McCarthy doe sweight watchers too so my vote is for her!

Yoda said...

I hated those gross boobs.

I have a boner for Jenny. Which Jenny? LOL!

I love those fancy hats ... I usually just wear baseball caps. That's probably the grad student dress sense in me.

Jenny McCarthy though got a load of Razzies the other year. She can't be too proud of them, can she?


Jenny! said...

I didn't know we were voting, but if we vote goes to her as well!

What's a Razzie???

Fever Dog said...

I'm late to this party, but wanted to weigh in anyway -- I still think Jenny McCarthy's hat looks ugly, however hot she is. And in the Star Jones pic, can you see some nipple on the left?