Monday, May 07, 2007

Weekend Recap


* Worked my butt off at work, for the first time ever at my new job!

* Celebrated Sarah's birthday by going out to dinner at Rockit and then to Howl at the Moon for drinks and music. It was the most fun I have had at a bar in a long time. Howl at the Moon is a dueling piano bar where you make requests and they play them...excellently! My ears are still ringing. It was a good night with my girls! We took the train back and Ashley sat in piss, it was fantastic! Sarah's fiance picked us up from the train and tried to get a foursome such luck my man, he didn't provide my Snickers which is required for group sex!

* Had my first Saturday off of work since like two years and it was excellent. I spent time with Donovan and we went on a Mommy/Son date. Donovan and I decided to celebrate Cinqo di Mayo at Lalo's (Donovan is a quarter Mexican). I had the most wonderful burrito and he ate chicken nuggets and ketchup...I know, not very Mexican, but whatever he's two! Then we watched trains, cars and trucks go by beside the expressway. It was a good day!

* The horse I picked to win in the Kentucky Derby actually won...great job Street Sense! I wish I had actually bet money on it!

* Put in some overtime at work...the extra cash is sweet!

* Went out to dinner with my boys and that's about it! Donovan has a newly required addiction to Shrek so we bought Shrek 2 and I forgot how fucking funny that movie was! I love Donkey!

* Didn't get any action this weekend, fucking Don has pink eye and a severe cold and the medicine is making him drowsy or what not! Sucks! Should have taken up Sarah's fiance on his offer!


Sarah said...

I am guessing his offer is still on the table.

Sounds like a super weekend! My first couple of Saturday's off I was in heaven and did all kinds of fun things, now I just take them for granted!

Thanks for all the birthday fun! It was super fabulous!

Jenny! said...


I will keep that in mind! Happy Birthday! I don't think I want to work on Saturday at that place again, too nice w/o it!

Hammer said...

mmm burritos!

Glad you had fun.

I always do the foursome with spray cheese and nilla wafers...

zen wizard said...

So all it takes is a Snickers bar to have a foursome with you and two of your friends?

Well--in my case a Snickers and a bottle of Viagra, but still that is a pretty good deal.

(Wait--I went to a public school--that's the dude, you, and two of your friends--let me get my calculator--wait, that's a financial calculator, so you got yer Polish notation--yep, that there would be what the Frogs call a menage a quatre!)

Baba Ganoush said...

My little guy got the Shrek bug about a month ago. I must say, with a little help from me.

Don't judge me, it was either that or the Wiggles or friggin Barney!

Jenny! said...


Spray cheese and nilla wafers??? So not appealing!!! But if you threw in burritos...then maybe that would peak my interests!!!


Yes, a Snickers could do the trick! Viagra...huh!


No judgements are made here...Shrek rocks!

captain corky said...

Howl at the Moon sounds like a cool bar.

It sounds like you had a great weekend and that's what it's all about.

And you have to give Sarah's fiancee credit for trying.

Yoda said...

Foursome? God no. Its one guy getting lucky with three chics!!

Happy belated b'day Sarah! Hope you have a nice long fulfilling and fun filled life :-) I'll drink to that.

The bar sounds amazing. I want to go there too. The trains are messy. Red lines especially. I went to the South side once or twice and DIDNOT like it at all!

I don't have any eye shit going on. Can I join in?

Ratty. said...

Lady R. has a ginger cat that she named Bandy. It refers to the cat in Shrek, voice over by Antonio Banderas. Me, I preferred the bint before she turned ugly.

Jenny! said...

He did try! And it is a super fun bar!

No eye shit going on is a major plus! We should set up one of those meet your blog buddy things and meet up there. The trains are disgusting, being a fairly spoiled brat, taking the trains is a major accomodation on my part!

I am shocked that you don't like her as an ogre!